Pio Leiva – Sabor y Ritmo Tropical, Suaritos Records

Pio Leyva, front

It was in 1997, when ‘Buena Vista Social Club’ launched their
historic first cd with Ry Cooder, that I learned about Pio Leiva.
He was one of the singers, that worked with Compay Segundo
since the 50’s. Leiva was one of the main performers of the
Montuno genre, they called him ‘el Montunero de Cuba’.
He wrote the number ‘Francisco Guayabal’ that became a hit
via Beny Moré and played with Bebo Valdes and Noro Moralez.
I was one of the lucky visitors of the Amsterdam Carré Theater
when Wim Wenders made his movie of the Buena Vista Social Club,
an unforgettable evening.
This is an album on his own name and it’s a great one.
Listen to Pio Leiva !


1 Mi chiquita
2 Bajo un palmar
3 Mireya
4 La juma de ayer
5 No te preocupes
6 Pescadores de Camaron
7 La noche buena
8 Un jardinero de amor
9 Torcuata
10 Que me digan feo
11 Cangrejada
12 Los golpes de caridad