Pio Leiva – …Oye Como Suena, Maype

It must have been 1997 or 8 when one of my friends gave me this ticket
for my birthday. It was for a night in the Amsterdam theater ‘Carré’.
Performing that evening was the fantastic group, Buena Vista Social Club.
It was also my first encounter with Pio Leiva who was one of the old
Cuban singers in the original set up. Wim Wenders was filming the band
for his movie that evening and we had a sweet time. This is an old LP
by Pio Leiva I found not so long ago. One of our visitors requested
some Cuban folk and I thought this one to be appropriate.


1 Oye como suena
2 El pirimpimpin
3 Como mango
4 Te lo juro
5 Pobre Nicolas
6 El Pio mentiroso
7 Mis tres mujeres
8 Chachaguere
9 Anabacoa
10 Dime adios Caramelina
11 Adios Mariquita linda
12 Cariñoso si, mentiroso no