Pacho Galán y sus Solistas, vol.3 – Prende la Vela, Tropical

Pacho Galán, front, cd size

It’s been a while since we had some Colombian music.
Here’s another Pacho Galán, an oldie from who knows what year?
It doesn’t tell. It contains renditions of songs like La Pollera
Colorá and Cumbia sobre el mar, to call a few.
Get this rare music.


1 Prende la vela
2 La maya
3 La pollera azul
4 Mosaico tropical;
– Salsipuedes
– Furor tropical
– Caracoleando
5 Son cosas mias
6 La pollera colorá
7 San Fernando
8 La tabaquera
9 Kalamary
10 La molinera
11 Cumbia sobre el mar
12 La estereofonica