Huracan Bailable – Various Artists,
Discos Fuentes

I just got back from a two day recordsearch and came home
with a pile of music from Congo, Nigeria, Ghana, Haiti, Jamaica,
Mali, Guinée, Cabo Verde, Tchad, Trinidad, Puerto Rico, Cuba,
Brazil and Colombia. Wow, now I look at it myself, not a bad score.
The journey back took me almost seven hours today while in fact
it’s a 5 hour trip. Some big accident along the way. Tomorrow I’ll
tell you more, for now start listening to this happy music.
Discos Fuentes brings this collector with all kind of cumbia-like
tropical dance music, fantastic stuff you don’t want to miss.
An oldie but goodie so to say, do you know where I went ?
Demain Franck, demain plus.


1 Pedro Laza y sus Pelayeros – Agua de panela ( mapalé )
2 Carlos Martelo y su Orquesta – Vacilando ( paseaíto )
3 La Sonora Cordobesa – El tapaboca ( paseaíto )
4 Monteria Swing – Juanché ( porro )
5 La Sonora Cienaguera – La jicara ( paseaíto )
6 Juan Piña y su Orquesta – La puyanga ( Puyanga )
7 La Sonora Cordobesa – La sobadera ( Gaita )
8 Carlos Martelo y su Orquesta – El totumo ( porro )
9 Pedro Laza y sus Pelayeros – Soy Pelayero ( porro )
10 Monteria Swing – El patoco ( Pupalé )
11 Juan Piña y su Orquesta – Suelta el gallo ( fandango )
12 La Sonora Cienaguera – Martinez Banda ( porro )