Anibal Velásquez y su Conjunto
El Ritmo y el Sabor,
Discomoda de Colombia 1978

Anibal Velasquez, front

Anibal Velasquez produced a huge pile of records. My
collection contains a bunch but there’s so much more
yet to discover. Today we have an album from 1978 on
which he appears multiple style, paseo, paseaíto,
cumbia, Ritmo cundé, charanga and pasebol.
Anibal still performs, it seems I missed him
when he was touring my country some
time ago. Who knows we’ll get
another chance.


01 – La sobrina de mi compadre
02 – Ay amor
03 – Bello lucerito
04 – El aguacero
05 – Los primeros dias
06 – La carta
07 – Se acabaron las velas
08 – Llora mi acordeon
09 – La india de la frontera
10 – Madre mia
11 – Leonor
12 – Tu vaiven