Horace Andy – Dance Hall Style, Wackie’s 1983

Hello Groovers,
what happened this morning. I visited a fellow music blog, one I had
linked at my own sidebar, when I found out he had turned the blog
into a site where you pay for every song you download. I thought
the whole idea behind these pages was to share your old vinyl-
collection with your friends online. At this blog the music always
was, is, and will be FREE. Sharing my old records with you guys makes
me feel good, I hope it does you too. I removed that link from my page.
Bye Bye !

To demonstrate this feeling I ripped us a great old reggae album. One
that always had a special place with me. Horace Andy’s voice is very
unique, one you can always easily recognize. Great songs, produced by
Bullwackie in a great way, strongly overdubbed and with a fine message.
Money, money, money, root of all evil !
It was about time I posted some reggae by the way, much too long ago !


1 Money money
2 Lonely woman
3 Cuss cuss
4 Stop the fuss
5 Spying glass
6 Let’s live in love