Quicksilver – Hit me With Soca
Straker’s Records 1981

Granville Straker was born on St. Vincent and founder of the
New York based calypso and soca label Straker’s Records. He
produced albums by artists like Shadow, Chalkdust, Calypso
Rose, Lord Melody and such. Quicksilver is a soca artist from
Aruba who also recorded with Straker’s. Read more at Wiki ..

Granville Straker werd geboren op St. Vincent en was de stichter
van het in New York gevestigde calypso en soca label Straker’s
Records. Hij produceerde platen van artiesten als Shadow, Chalk-
dust, Calypso Rose, Lord Melody en dergelijke. Quicksilver is een
soca man uit Aruba die ook bij Straker’s opnam. Lees meer..

Straker’s Records
Granville Straker

tracks ;

01 – Rosy
02 – Woman soca …
03 – Hit me with soca
04 – St. peters woman
05 – Aruba gone old mas
06 – Wine like me

Bonus Tracks ;

07 – Squibby – The streaker
08 – Shadow – Bass man road march ’74
09 – Lord Melody – Grine um
10 – Chalkdust – Stickman’s lament


Lord Nelson – Ah, ha,Richie’s Music Production 1977

Lord Nelson, front

In general I like the calypsos from the sixties better
than I do that seventies soca. Lord Nelson is one of
the always present exeptions. I must admit this LP
of 1977 is most enjoyable. From Trinidad
for your pleasure, dance away..with
Lord Nelson, ..ah, ha…


1 Ah, ha
2 Boat ride
3 King liar
4 Sweet Tobago
5 All day, all night
6 The big man
7 Send them back
8 Sweet carnaval


Kitch – Spirit of Carnival, Charlie’s Records 1978

From Trinidad comes this Soca album. The word ‘soca’ stands for
‘Soul Calypso’. Kitch is the man who was there, developing it.
The overall spirit on this album is good, it gives us some
tracks that still contain a lot of the old Calypso feeling.
It has one track however, he could have left away for my part.
Track no. 8 does not really belong here.
Aldwin Roberts is his real name, listen to ‘Kitch’!


1 Soca Millicent
2 The spirit
3 Dog bite you
4 Symphony in G
5 Take de phone out me house
6 Suzie
7 Pan ’round the neck
8 Disco love
9 Town bunnin down
10 The carnival is over


Kitch – Simply Wonderful, Trinidad Records 1983

He used to be a Calypsonian, but when during the 70’s the sound
started to change, Lord Kitchener did not stay behind.
Early 80’s Soca, when it was electronic but kind.


1 Carnival time
2 Tourist Elsie
3 Soca corruption
4 Katumba
5 Sweet pan
6 Gee me the ting