Fito Espino – Sabor de Carnaval Tableño
Tamayo LP 202

Fito Espino, front

Eutimia González

After november 26th, when I posted Ceferino Nieto,
we received a message from our friend Gonzalez who
moved to Panama City. He went on a little recordhunt
for us and guess what.. he found some lp’s and singles
and brought them back home when visiting Holland for
the holidays. Thank you so much Gonzalez ! What did he
find ? To start with, this hot slice by Fito Espino and his
group. He is acompanied by singer Eutimia González.
They were loved in all of Panama for their hits. This
lp contains eight of them, especially made for
carnaval. Cumbia from Panama is quite
different than from Colombia, listen
to Don Espino and his great band.
..more to follow, stay tuned..


01 – Mosaico de carnaval
02 – El tren de seis
03 – Te necesito
04 – Ayer lo la vi
05 – Pajaro de la montaña
06 – Tu sombra
07 – Tu no me quieres
08 – Anabel