Lo Mejor de
Peregoyo y su Combo Vacaná
Delujo 1974

Peregoyo, front

One of the Colombian bands that caught my attention from
the first time I heard them is el Combo Vacaná of Peregoyo.
Their sound is different from what we’re used to hear from
that region. Listen to the guitar
based latin sound of Peregoyo.

This is what All Music Guide says about them;
One of the first bands to combine the folk rhythms o
Colombia’s Buenaventura region and the cumbia of Cuba,
Peregoyo Y Su Combo Vacana were known for their unique
electric guitar-dominated sound. Reviewing a reissue of their
early-70s album, Tropicalismo, RootsWorld claimed that
Peregoyo Y Su Combo Vacana “never lets up as it hurls
groove after incessant groove at you, sax and trumpet
blazing from a path cut by fat, no bloated bass licks,
pervasive percussion and searing
solo and group vocals”.


01 – La guitarra desbarata
02 – Facunda
03 – Palito cae
04 – Cariñito
05 – Pa’ la loma
06 – Maximina
07 – Marucha
08 – La vaca loca
09 – Caravana
10 – Che’ pa changa
11 – Descarga vacaná


the Ramblers International –
“Doin’ Our Own Thing”,
Decca 1971

Ramblers, front

This Ramblers album from 1971 contains both covers and
songs by Jerry Hansen himself. A sweet mixture of their
own and international hits. The Ramblers were here on 4
other occasions, this is their fifth contribution to the GG.
I love every record I heard untill now and this one forms
no exception, Jerry Hansen is the man that never
disappoints. Get it and spread it,
you know the drill..


01 – Obaa ahoofe
02 – Me nim beebi a wewu mada
03 – Owu adaada me
04 – Nine miles high
05 – Dzi dzo
06 – Grazing in the grass
07 – Vete pa’ la luna
08 – Muntie
09 – Caramelo a kilo
10 – Womma yen whe yie
11 – Se eye mi do
12 – Wo gya me a me ye mobo


Celia Cruz y la Sonora Matancera
sus Exitos del Millon, CBS 1986

Celia Cruz, front

She is so famous that one tends to think the whole world
already has her music, but that isn’t the case off course.
Another lp my friend brought home from Cuba lately and
it’s one I didn’t have. I promised to post them so here is
the third he contributed. With Celia and la Sonora
Matancera you can’t go wrong, always top
quality latin music of which you can find
one other album on this blog, enjoy..
p.s. it makes me remember I saw
her in Utrecht Vredenburg,
january 1986 with Tito
Puente, check video..
( not Utrecht )


01 – Tu voz
02 – Don palucha
03 – La jaibera
04 – Cañonazo
05 – Burundanga
06 – Yerberito moderno
07 – Cualquiera resbala y cae
08 – Guantanamera
09 – Mani tosta’o
10 – Ven bernabe


Duo Los Ahijados – Vol. 5
Kubaney SMT-436

Duo Los Ahijados, vol. 5, front

I found this album by Duo Los Ahijados accidentally, it came in
the wrong cover when I bought it. The sleeve you see here was
taken from the web. So the brothers Cuco and Martin Valoy are
back at the Groove with a hidden treasure, it was an unexpected
find when going through my latin albums this afternoon. Being
from the Dominican Republic themselves, they were famous for
their renditions of Cuban songs but went in multiple directions
as we can hear on this lp. Love their bright guitarsound and
vocal harmony. We’ve got five other
albums, you know the drill..


1 Olemua
2 El hombre misterioso
3 Yo la espero
4 Corazon de acero
5 El columpio de la vida
6 Contestacion a seguir tus huellas
7 El zapateo
8 Soldado
9 Baitolina
10 No vuelvas por aqui


Beny Moré y su Orquesta – Y sus Amigos, Cubitas

Cuban special

Global Groove’s Sunday Special is all about Cuban Music today.
I had a special friend in Cuban music. As I have friends in every
type of music. If I want to find out something concerning Reggae or
Popmusic, I turn to my buddy Gerard. If it concerns Samba, I turn to
Zeca or Justin, for questions about Cuban music I always went to my
late friend Dirk. On an occasion, Dirk was in some kind of financial
trouble, he sold me his complete collection of Cuban music. He knew
that I would keep it all together, waiting for better times. I am so
sorry he left us.
Now I am just wishfully assuming that the here-after is somehow
connected to the World Wide Web. This is my chance to give him
back some of the music that he loved so much ! To you Dirk !

Beny Moré y su Orquesta – Y sus Amigos

Beny Moré, front, cd size

This is one of Dirk’s albums,
Beny Moré with his sharp voice, a national hero in Cuba.
I quote the backcover;
“These recordings focus on different stages of Beny’s carreer.
From the early days of the mambos recorded with Perez Prado in
Mexico, to Mariano Merceron, Ernesto Duarte and eventually his own
big band in Cuba. Also included here are two of the classical duos
with Pedro Vargas and Beny’s own giant band recorded in the
mid 50’s in Cuba.”


1 Fiesta de tambores
2 Salomon
3 Maria Cristina
4 Demasiado Santa
5 No me vayas a engañar
6 Tu veras Margot
7 Dulce desengaño
8 La vida es un sueño
9 Solamente una vez
10 Bombon de pollo


Sonora Matancera – Una Caja de Exitos, Tropical

Caja de exitos, front, cd size

Sonora Matancera is the type of band that keeps existing no matter
what, if an older member leaves the group, a young one comes in.
It’s like they have always been there. Recording with lots of stars,
this ‘Box of Songs’ is one with 4 tracks by Nelson Pineda, 4 by
Carlos Argentino and 4 by Celia Cruz. A fine example of Cuban music.
My favourite track; ‘Apambichao’.

1 Carlos Argentino – Tu rica boca
2 Celia Cruz – Gozando
3 Nelson Pinedo – Sabrosito asi
4 Carlos Argentino – Apambichao
5 Celia Cruz – La merenguita
6 Nelson Pinedo – Mi chica y yo
7 Nelson Pinedo – El Gavilan
8 Carlos Argentino – Cha cha cha de los feos
9 Celia Cruz – No encuentro palabras
10 Nelson Pinedo – Recordando mi cuartito
11 Carlos Argentino – De ti enamorado
12 Celia Cruz – Contentosa


Miguelito Valdes – Inolvidables, Verve Records

Ochestral LP, with several styles of latin, a very happy sounding
album. Original arrangements by Chico O’Farrill, strong voice.

1 El limpiabotas
2 Negra Leono
3 Ariñañara – nague
4 Zarabanda
5 Los componedores
6 Quimbamba
7 No, negrita, no
8 Tambó
9 Guaguancó Africano
10 Se acabo la fiesta


Various Artists – ¡ Oye Listen !
Globe Style 1987

From 1987 this is a compilation that was received gratefully.
I remember we used to spin this jewel again and again.
A must have for every Latinlover.


1 Linda Leida y la Bahia – Defiendeme Santa Barbara
2 Bobby Rodriguez – Olvidame
3 Alfredo Valdes – la Mulata Cubana
4 Monguito ‘El Unico’ – Con cariño a Panama
5 La Sonora de Baru – Festival in Guarare
6 Rolando la Serie – Ay ! se paso la Serie
7 Linda Leida y la Bahia – Arroz co manteca
8 Los Guaracheros de Oriente – Ocana Sordi
9 La India de Oriente – Como se baila el son