Gasper Lawal – Ajomasé, Cap Records 1980

Gasper Lawal, front

One of our visitors asked me to post some more Gasper Lawal,
I had a 12″ by him some time ago. This is the LP where that
track came from. Gasper Lawal’s music is hardly to compare
with any other type of African music. He used to play with
many European and other musicians and when he came back to
England in 1980 after some time in Nigeria, he made this LP.
Very surprising, check for yourself. To you Mike, cheers.

tracks ;

1 Jekajosé
2 Kita-Kita
3 Eronu
4 Ajomasé
5 Awon-Ojise-Oluwa
6 Oromoro
7 Saikoskro


Prince Nico Mbarga & Rocafil Jazz
Sweet Mother, AIT 1976

Prince Nico, front, cd size

Did you like Prince Nico Mbarga ?
This is a special album, the song ‘Sweet Mother’, how strange
this may seem, is the biggest African song of all time.
Not one other African song sold so many copies throughout
the world. It’s not that special on first hearing.
Prince Nico’s music in general however is great, I love it.
And how about you ?


1 Sweet mother
2 Wayo inlaw
3 Aki special
4 Christiana


Prince Nico Mbarga & Rocafil Jazz
Free Education, Rounder 1982

Prince Nico, front

Prince Nico Mbarga scored his first huge hit in 1976 with the song
‘Sweet Mother’, this album was originally released one year later,
in 1977. The copy we have here is a ‘Rounder’ re-release from 1982.
I quote a line from the backcover; “…if you don’t start dancing
five minutes into the first song, check your pulse to ascertain
whether you’re still alive…”
This is African music with stunning guitarwork and great rhythm.


1 Free education in Nigeria
2 Onye ori obi
3 Simplicity
4 Nature


Gasper Lawal – Kita-Kita, 12″ single, Cap Records 1981

I was going to make some nice posts today, at least I thought
I would. Work is coming in between again. If you run your own
business, and staffmembers turn sick…, you know.
To post a little something I ripped this 12″ single,
really didn’t have more time.
The coming days are not much different I’m affraid.
I wish I could take a month off, I’d stuff you all. Ha ha.
This is Gasper Lawal, a West African ( I think Malinese )
who went to the UK in the sixties and practically played
with all rock artists around.
He is his own man with his own unique style, Check this out.

P.S. At the first opportunity I’ll rip Ochestre Régional
de Sikasso for you, it’s No.4 in that Malinese series.
Probably tuesday, untill then.


1 Kita Kita
2 Oro-Moro