Anibal Velasquez y su Conjunto
La Bomba
Discos Fuentes 1971

For this weekend we’ve got another album with the
great Anibal velasquez. This one is on the old yellow
label of Discos Fuentes. From 1971 and a treasure.
Despite a good cleaning, unfortunately the record
sounds quite dusty for a certain part,
especially at the end of side 1 ..


Carruseles 1979 / 1985
Tremenda Salsa 1970
El Rey del Acordeon Colombiano 1977
Anibal Velasquez y su Conjunto
el Ritmo y el Sabor 1978
Golpe Currambero
Lo Ultimo
.. y su Conjunto
with Los Curramberos de Guayabal
Tirando Exitos
Los Ases del Ritmo, Costa Brava

01 – La bomba
02 – Me la llevo
03 – Alma herida
04 – El andariego
05 – Promesas de amor
06 – Noches felices
07 – Cayetana
08 – Con la mano en la masa
09 – Regocijado
10 – Palma sola
11 – Malestar
12 – El escondirijo


Michi Sarmiento y su Combo Bravo
Salsa Picante ! , Discos Fuentes

Michi Sarmiento, voorkant

Michi Sarmiento’s platen zijn zeer lastig te vinden, zelfs in Colombia.
Gelukkig hebben wij onze trouwe vriend Sanjay die met zekere
regelmaat die kant opgaat om deze op te sporen. Hier hebben we
zo’n elpeetje. Het bevat diverse stijlen binnen de salsa, porro-salsa,
bomba, guaracha, mongolo, guaguancó, paseaíto en boogaloo.

Michi Sarmiento’s records are hard to come by, even in Colombia.
We are lucky to have our loyal blog-friend Sanjay who travels there
frequently to hunt down these treasures. The album we have here
today contains a variety of salsa styles, porro-salsa, bomba, guaracha,
mongolo, guaguancó, paseaíto and boogaloo, enjoy listening..

titels ;

01 – Caleñita
02 – Mi querida bomba
03 – El negro simón
04 – El pueblo soplaviento
05 – Mosaico – amparo arrebato
– la batea
– che che cole
06 – El pescador feliz


Lito Barrientos y su Orquesta –
Very Very Well, Discos Fuentes

Lito Barrientos, front

Hello good morning, we are lucky to find a sunny day this
morning, spring is about to begin in the Netherlands and
that’s always a very nice time of year. The magnolia in my
frontgarden is almost bursting open, something we wait for
all year. Sunny weather asks for sunny music, let’s see..

This is the first appearance of Lito Barrientos at this page
and it contains some fine tunes. It brings songs in various
styles like cumbia, bomba, charanga, corrido and porro.
A typical slice of tropical Colombian sweetness, complete
with ‘mosaíco’, a range of songs melted together at the
end of the album. Get it now and listen yourself..


01 – Caracol
02 – Ya voy toño
03 – Cumbia que te vas de ronda
04 – Rubiela
05 – Cumbia en do menor
06 – Charanga pa gozar
07 – Cumbia costeña
08 – Kijis konar
09 – A tu vera
– La india motilona
– Very very well
– Despeinada
– Festival en guarare
– La mafafa
– La sampa
– Negrito tapetuza


Michi Sarmiento y su Combo Bravo –
Cum Cumbele, Discos Fuentes 300608

Michi Sarmiento, front

Goodmorning groovers, what have we got cooking for you today ?
Michi Sarmiento and his Combo Bravo are here to make you
dance around the room. On this album they combine various
styles. Guaguancó, Paseo, Son Mozambique, Cumbia, Bomba,
Cumbelé, Descarga and Paseaíto are brought easily by this
great band. I am crazy about the song ‘Hong Kong’, but the
whole lp is a joy to listen to. A little scratchy but
not too much. Get it and spread it as usual.


1 Arepa de arroz
2 Corazon herido
3 Navidad con michi
4 Cumbia raja
5 Mi bomba
6 Cum cumbele
7 Hay que aprender
8 Hong kong
9 El arroyo de macuya
10 Dejame vivir


Peregoyo y su Combo Vacaná
Mi Buenaventura, Discos Fuentes

Peregoyo, front

Peregoyo, back

Fuentes label

afrosound of colombia vol. 2

One of my friends gave me a present that made me very
happy. It is volume 2 of “The Afrosound of Colombia” which
appeared on Vampi Soul recently ( small pic ). It contains
songs by various artists of Colombian origin, all great stuff.
Track #4 of the compi is a song that comes from this here
album by Peregoyo y su Combo Vacaná. It’s called ‘Sabor
de Vacaná’. I was quite sure I posted it already quite some
time ago but just maybe I’m mistaking. One way or the
other, it is about time I bring you this absolute treasure
you would not want to miss. Peregoyo’s music is
something different, styles like currulao, abozao
chocoano, aguabajo I never heard anybody else
play. Bomba, porro cumbia, porro, descarga,
guaracha and son montuno are more
familiar to us. Get it, spread it,
listen and enjoy !


1 Rio de juaji ( caldo de piangua )
2 La palma de chontaduro
3 Asi es mi tierra
4 Mi buenaventura
5 Descarga vacaná
6 La pluma
7 Ola de agua
8 Chechudino
9 Martha cecilia
10 El canalete
11 Sabor de vacaná


Three Minute Magic – Various Artists

Three Minute Magic


1 Kiskedee Trio – Congo bara
2 J.B. Lenoir – Sitting down thinking
3 Buddie Johnson – It’s the gold
4 Orquesta casino de la Playa – Bruca manigua
5 Carmen Dela Dipini – Dimelo
6 Teddy Wilson – You showed me the way
7 Slim Gaillard – Beatin’ the board
8 Count Lasher – Talking parrot
9 Bemi – Nabosani ndako
10 Cab Calloway – Reefer man
11 Robert Johnson – Terraplane blues
12 Xavier Cugat & his Orchestra – Rumba rumbero
13 Roberto Ledesma – Con mi corazon te espero
14 Mildred Bailey – I see your face before me
15 Earl Hines – Blue drag
16 Alex Konadu – Owuo mpe silka
17 Wrangler – Limbo teacher
18 Effie Smith – Gettin’ out
19 Big Joe Turner – Lucille, Lucille
20 Louis Jordan – Psycho-loco
21 Edmundo Arias – Chituchi
22 Jimmy Pedroso – El loro
23 Angel Luis Torruellas – El abusador
24 Sunny Adé and his Green Spot Band – O le ku
25 Miguel Aceves Mejia – Orgullosa y bonita
26 Humphrey Eshitool – Jirani waganga


Ramito con Chorolo y su Combo
Acontecimientos, Ansonia

Ramito, front

For this occasion Ramito put on his best suit, and
said to himself “I’m gonna show them something
completely different.” Ramito con Chorolo y su Combo
come in multiple style with this album. Listen.


1 Acontecimientos
2 Candela
3 Sin adios
4 Otra mujer en mi vida
5 Bomba Hawaiana
6 Velandome
7 La romana
8 Que bonita bandera
9 La chismosa
10 Salseate
11 Reina mora
12 Por el pecho no


Eddie Palmieri – Palo pá Rumba
Musica Latina Int. Inc. 1984

Eddie Palmieri, front

In 1984, this was the first LP on which Eddie Palmieri
worked with only Puerto Rican musicians. A little salsa
for a change can’t hurt. It will make your lazy asses move
around like crazy, better be sure before you download …


1 Palo pá rumba
2 1983
3 Bomba de corazon
4 Bajo con tumbao
5 Prohibicion de salida
6 Pensando en ti
7 Venezuela


Cortijo – Caballo de Hierro
Coco Records 1977

A while back we had an album of Cortijo on which Fe Cortijo
did a few songs, on this one she does’em all.
Backing vocals by Adalberto Santiago,
Ismael Quintana and even Tito Puente. Great Puerto Rican rhythms.


1 Mapaye
2 Bomba carambomba
3 La otra
4 Songorocosongoro
5 Lloralo, lloralo
6 Guariquiten
7 Guaracha de mayo
8 Bomba merengue


Baile con Cortijo y su Combo
Palladium Latin Jazz & Dance Records 1958

Do you still have your occasional dance in the livingroom sometimes ?
I have just the thing for a saturdaynight, Cortijo and his Combo are
here to brighten up the sphere. Percussionist and orchestral leader
Cortijo and singer Ismael Rivera are considered best interpreters
of the Plena, Danza and Bomba, three typical Puerto Rican styles.
A great dance album brought to us by Palladium Latin Jazz & Dance
Records. Recordings are from januari 10, 1958, year of release..?


1 El negro bembon
2 Alegria y bomba
3 Dejalo que suba
4 Te lo voy a contar
5 El satelite
6 Huy que pote
7 El chivo de la campana
8 Con la punta del pie, Teresa
9 Lo deje llorando
10 A bailar mi bomba
11 Bailala bien
12 Lo tuyo es cronico


Ramito con Toñito Ferrer y sus Jíbaros Modernos
el Cantor de la Montaña vol. 4

Today we’ve got another Flor Morales Ramos, Ramito in short.
Backsleeve notes claim that his most famous tracks appear on
ALP 1237. I wanted to link you to it but the page that hosts it
is only for invited visitors,
I know at least one happy visitor with this LP, it’s for you Joe.


1 Parranda Borinqueña
2 Adios y dame un beso
3 Buena en cantidad
4 Plegaria a la madre
5 Candela
6 Sin razon
7 La tierra mia
8 No eres guapo na’
9 Poema de amor
10 Por la que se fue
11 Cualquiera de pena llora
12 El guapo Jalao


Cortijo y su Nuevo Combo – Champions
Coco Records 1975

Cortijo, front, cd size

Next friday I’ll be doing another evening of deejaying in that same
local bar I did an African night not so long ago. This time it will be
an evening with only South-American music. From Salsa to Reggaeton and
from Merengue to Samba. Both Old and New sounds, Urban and Traditional.
I am getting in the mood already by posting this great album from 1975.
Rhythm and Percussion hero Cortijo is a titan, he brings us Guaracha,
Plena, Bomba and Bolero on this LP. I especially like the young female
voice which appears to be from his daughter ( if I’m not mistaking ) Fe
Cortijo. If you like some Salsa, don’t let it pass, it’s a true pearl.

Do you live nearby and want to come dancing ?
Friday, october 23
from 21.00 to 3.00
in Café ‘t Wapen van Hilversum
Groest 27, Hilversum


1 Pica pica
2 Los aduaneros
3 Esto no es amor
4 El bochinche
5 Watergate
6 Birinbombeo
7 Dilo tu
8 Bum-Bin
9 Amor
10 Ponganse duro


Cortijo y su Combo con Ismael Rivera – Fiesta Boricua
Rumba Records 1960


Do you know that phenomena, you buy an LP, you check it properly
for being in a good condition. This one looks perfect, but when
I was recording it and came to the second side, it appeared
to be pressed almost 1 centimeter out of the center.
So, the first 6 tracks are just fine but tracks 7 to 12
sound a bit FALSE I’m affraid. The music is so nice however,
I didn’t want to withhold it from you.

Rafael Cortijo was one of Puerto Rico’s heroes of the 50’s
and 60’s. His plena’s and bomba’s were and are still among
the most respected in the world. This is his first stereo
recording from 1960. Volare is a well known song of which
he made his own version. If you are familiar wirh the music
of Brazil’s singer Dorival Caymmi, you will recognize the last
song on this album. It used to be called ‘Maracangalha’.
Cortijo’s versions are great, they sound natural as if
they were his own. Like lots of Cortijo’s albums, this one
is also with the great singer ‘Ismael Rivera’ with whom
he worked for many years.


1 Oriza
2 Si te mueres no me lleves
3 Volare
4 Que le paso
5 La hija de la vecina
6 Madame Calalu
7 Y Pedro Flores
8 Mofongo pelao
9 Solavaya
10 Los chismosos
11 Dona Chana
12 Me voy a Marancagaya