Dillinger – Dillinger
Surprise 1977

It was Lee Perry’s idea to use the stage name Dillinger
after gangster John Dillinger. His real name is Lester Randal
Bullock. Dillinger made a nice pile of records, but never
really had a major breakthrough. Only his ‘Cocaine in My Brain’
became a number one hit and only in the Netherlands. It was
released in 1976. The album we have today is from 1977 ..


with the Upsetters 1985
D.J.’s, various artists 1985

01 – African world wide
02 – Truth and rights
03 – Don’t take another man’s life
04 – Trial and crosses
05 – Jah love
06 – Mind your own business


The Rasses – Experience
Ballistic Records 1979

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Meet Lincoln Thompson.
“He began his recording career as a harmony singer along with
Cedric Myton of The Congos in 1967, in a band called The Tartans,
who then split up in 1969. In 1971 he was taken on by Coxsone Dodd
and recorded three songs with him at Studio One called “Daughters of
Zion”, “True Experience” and “Live Up to Your..” (read more ..) This is their
second album from 1979, very friendly reggae with this feel
good band. On Ballistic Records ..


01 – Nobody her but me
02 – Blessed are the meek
03 – Slave driver
—- You gotta have love (Jah love)
04 – Babylon is falling
05 – True experience
06 – For once in my life
07 – Walk in jah light
08 – Jungle fever
09 – Thanksgiving


Sly and Robbie
60’s, 70’s into the 80’s = Taxi
Island Records / Taxi 1981

One of the world’s most famous and greatest bassplayers
has died. Robert Warren Dale, or just Robbie Shakepeare
left us after being ill sometime from kidney problems.
Robbie was one half of rhythm twins Sly & Robbie and
was only 68 years old. They played with half of the
Jamaican reggae artists and people like Mick Jagger,
Bob Dylan, Jackson Browne, Joe Cocker, Grace Jones
and many many others. When Black Uhuru and King
Sunny Adé came to Amsterdam, for a double gig in
the Jaap Eden Hal, in june 1984, I had the honour
of meeting Sly & Robbie. My good friend Gerard Kamer
who had a radio show called ‘Demo’ interviewed them
at the Sonesta Hotel afterwards. I still have the picture.
we were 26 years old and clearly had a few smokes. 😉
I never forget the things Robbie said about Peter Tosh
that evening. Let’s say they weren’t the best of friends.
Listen to this 1981 Taxi album on which Sly & Robbie
do the main vocal parts, quite exceptional. I had to
place the skips manual so better listen to the whole
record in one session.
RIP Robbie ..

Één van ‘s werelds meest bekende en beste bassisten
heeft ons verlaten. Robert Warren Dale, of gewoon
Robbie Shakespeare overleed aan nier problemen
na daar al een tijdje mee te hebben gestoeid. Hij was
slechts 68 jaar oud. Robbie Shakespeare was de helft
van het beroemde ‘ritme duo’ Sly & Robbie. Zij speelden
met zo’n beetje de helft van alle Jamaicaanse artiesten
en met mensen als Mick Jagger, Bob Dylan, Jackson
Browne, Joe Cocker, Grace Jones en vele vele anderen.
Toen Black Uhuru en King Sunny Adé in de Jaap Eden
Hal in Amsterdam speelden in een dubbel concert in
juni 1984, heb ik de eer gehad hen te ontmoeten. Mijn
goede vriend Gerard Kamer, die toen zijn radio show
‘Demo’ had interviewde hen in het Sonesta Hotel
achteraf. Ik heb de foto van toen bewaard. We waren
26 jaar oud en hadden duidelijk wat gerookt. 😉 Ik zal
nooit vergeten wat Robbie toen vertelde over Peter
Tosh, laat ik zeggen dat ze geen beste vrienden waren.
Luister naar dit Taxi album uit 1981, Sly & Robbie doen
zelf, vrij uitzonderlijk, de meeste vokalen. Ik moest
de ‘skips’ handmatig plaatsen dus luister
liefst in één keer af.
RIP Robbie ..

Jaap Eden Hal concerts
Robbie Shakespeare, Wikipedia

All Posts with Sly & Robbie

01 – You don’t care
02 – Bum ball
03 – Only sixteen
04 – You have caught me
05 – Rain from the sky
06 – When I fall in love
07 – Conquer me
08 – Swing easy
09 – Soul serenade
10 – Who done it
11 – Stampede
12 – I should have known better
13 – Watermelon man
14 – El pussy cat ska


Ranking Superstar
Repatriation Time
I’m in Love with a Dreadlock
Lord Koos 1980

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You may have noticed reggae is on repeat here at my turntable.
Old times relive when listening to all the hot reggae records bought
some 40 years ago when my friends and I were almost fulltime
skanking. Early eighties we were attending concerts of many many
Jamaicans visiting Amsterdam and other surrounding cities. I don’t
know how many times we frequented Paradiso, enjoying the bands
that came to play in my favorite music temple of those days. This
is the 1980 ´Repatriation Time, I´m in Love with a
Dreadlock´, with Ranking Superstar ..

Het was je wellicht al opgevallen dat reggae momenteel weer volop
op de draaitafel ligt hier. Oude tijden herleven als ik luister naar al de
toffe reggae platen die zo’n 40 jaar geleden gekocht werden. In die tijd
waren mijn vrienden en ik onophoudelijk van de partij bij de vele vele
concerten van de Jamaicaanse artiesten die Amsterdam en omliggende
steden bezochten. Ik weet niet hoe vaak we Paradiso frequenteerden
om de concerten te genieten die toentertijd mijn favoriete muziek
tempel aandeden. Dit is het in 1980 uitgebrachte ´Repatriation
Time, I´m in Love With a Dreadlock´, met
Ranking Superstar ..

01 – Repatriation time
02 – Lovers rock
03 – Red and dread
04 – Dreadlocks affair
05 – Peaceful natty dread
06 – Rastafari calling
07 – Matilda
08 – Just because
09 – Jal lights


Barrington Levy – Run Come Ya!
Puff Records 1981

After playing Barrington Levy’s Robin Hood again I got
the taste of more Barrington. ‘Run Come Ya!’ from 1981
which we have today is maybe not so well known, but
almost from that level. It is the type of record that grows
on you. The more you hear it, the better it gets.
Absorb and share it ..

Na het wederom intensief beluisteren van Barrington
Levy’s Robin Hood kreeg ik de smaak te pakken. ‘Run
Come Ya!’ uit 1981 die we hier vandaag hebben is
misschien minder bekend, maar bijna net zo goed.
Het is het type album dat groeit, hoe vaker je het
hoort, hoe mooier het wordt. Slurp binnen,
luister en verspreid ..

01 – I’m not in love
02 – The love of jah
03 – Lost and found
04 – Run come ya man
05 – Time hard
06 – Full understanding


Barrington Levy – Robin Hood
Greensleeves Records 1980

Last night I was watching the western ‘The Harder They Fall’
by clip director Jeymes Samuel on Netflix. Heavily influenced
by Sergio Leone and Quentin Tarantino, he created a black cowboy
film in which he used reggae and soul songs. I quite enjoyed it
despite the bloody scenes. Very strong was the use of a version
of Barrington Levy’s ‘Here I Come’ (Broader than Broadway) and
Dennis Brown’s ‘Promised Land’. It inspired me to record a
classic Barrington album today. From 1980 we’ve got the great
‘Robin Hood’, backed by the Roots Radic Band, arranged and
produced by Henry ‘Junjo’ Lawes, mixed by Scientist, a
must have for every reggae lover. I added some
classic Barrington songs as a bonus ..

Gisteravond keek ik op Netflix de western ‘The Harder They Fall’
van zanger, producer en clipregiseur Jeymes Samuel. Duidelijk
beïnvloed door Quentin Tarantino en Sergio Leone maakte hij
deze zwarte cowboy film waarin hij gebruik maakt van reggae
en soul muziek. Ik heb er, ondanks de bloedige scenes, behoorlijk
van genoten. IJzersterk vond ik het gebruik van Barrington Levy’s
‘Here I Come'(Broader than Broadway) en Dennis Brown’s ‘Pro-
mised Land’. Het inspireerde me vandaag een klassiek Barrington
album op te nemen. Uit 1980 komt het mooie ‘Robin Hood’, met
de Roots Radic Band, arranged en produced door Henry ‘Junjo’
Lawes en gemixed door Scientis, een ‘must’ voor elke reggae
liefhebber. Ik heb enkele Barrington classic
als bonus toegevoegd ..


Money Move 1984
Teach Me Culture 1983

01 – Robin hood
02 – Rock and come in
03 – Love sister carol
04 – Gonna tell your girlfriend
05 – You come to ask me what is love
06 – Why did you leave me
07 – Many changes in life
08 – Na broke no fight over no woman
09 – When friday come
10 – Like how you kiss and caress me

bunus tracks

11 – Here I come (Broader than broadway)
12 – Shine eye girl
13 – Under me sensi


Culture – Baldhead Bridge
Joe Gibbs Record Globe 1978

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Baldhead Bridge is Culture’s second album from 1978 when
they were still under the guidance of Joe Gibbs & Errol Thompson.
The numbers were derived from their first recording session, the
one they did for their debut album ‘Two Sevens Clash’, their UK
break through. Another song that scored big time was ‘The
international herb’ which you may find on Vital Selection.
Don’t forget to read both the Wiki pages of singer Joseph
Hill and Culture. Get, spread and listen to Cultures second ..

Baldhead Bridge was het tweede album van reggae band Culture.
Hij is uit 1978 en de nummers stammen van hun eerste opname
sessie onder de bezielende leiding van Joe Gibbs en Errol Thompson.
De opnames waren tevens van hun debuut album ‘Two Sevens Clash’,
de plaat die voor hun doorbraak in het Verenigd Koninkrijk zorgde.
Culture is ook bekend van hun single ‘The international herb’ die je
op hun Vital Selection vindt. Vegeet niet de beide Wiki pagina’s van
zanger Joseph Hill en Culture te lezen. Pak mee en luister ..

Wiki Culture
Wiki Joseph Hill

Vital Selection 1981

01 – Them a payaka
02 – How can I leave jah
03 – Baldhead bridge
04 – Behold I come
05 – Love shines brighter
06 – Jah love
07 – Zion gate
08 – So long babylon a fool I (and I)


Don Carlos – Spread Out
Burning Sounds / RCA Records 1983

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Ever since I listen to his delightful way of singing, I was
a fan of Don Carlos. We already had some of his records,
but this one was still missing. From 1983 on Burning Sounds
from CSA Records, this is another awesome Don Carlos album.
It contains the hits ‘Booming Ball’ and ‘Lazer Beam’ for instance.
Produced by Bunny ‘Striker’ Lee @ Channel One & Harry J.’s.
Voiced & mixed @ King Tubby’s. Engineered by Scientist.
Get it, spread it and listen to Don Carlos ..

Vanaf de eerste noten die ik hoorde was ik een fan van Don
Carlos. We hadden al enkele van zijn platen, maar deze ontbrak
nog. Uit 1983 en op Burning Sounds van CSA Records is dit een
heerlijk Don Carlos album. Hij bevat onder andere de hits ‘Booming
Ball’ en ‘Lazer Beam’. Produced by Bunny ‘Striker’ Lee @ Channel One
& Harry J.’s. Voiced & mixed @ King Tubby’s. Engineered by Scientist.
Haal weer binnen, luister en deel met je maten ..


with the Gladiators, Showdown vol. 3 1984
harvest Time 1982
Them Never Know Natty Dread Have Him Credential 1982

01 – Spread out
02 – Ababa john I (father majesty)
03 – Booming ball
04 – Just groove with me
05 – Praise jah with love and affection
06 – Lazer beam
07 – My brethren party
08 – Back way with your mix up
09 – Johnnie big mouth
10 – My baby just love I man


Calypsos from Jamaica – Various Artists
Sounds of the Caribbean 1971?

This album with Jamaican Calypsos, also called ‘mento’,
came to me in a wrong sleeve. I went online and found
the correct sleeve at Discogs. It was a little puzzle to find
the names of the artists but that also fell in place a little
later. What do we have ? 12 songs of which you may
know a couple from Trinidad calypso’s, but this time
done by Jamaican artists. Listen & enjoy ..

Deze plaat, waarop Jamaicaanse calypso, ofwel ‘mento’,
kwam ooit in de verkeerde hoes bij mij terecht. Online
vond ik de juiste omslag bij Discogs. Het was nog even
puzzelen naar de namen van de vertolkers, maar ook dat
kwam uiteindelijk goed. Wat hebben we? 12 nummers
waarvan je er enkele zult kennen uit Trinidad, maar nu
uitgevooerd door Jamaicanan. Luister en huiver ..

Lord Flea, Swinging Calypsos 1957

01 – The Wigglers – Linstead market, Day o
02 – Hubert Porter – Old lady, you mash me toe
03 – The Wigglers – Jamaica mermaid
04 – Lord Lebby – Mama don’t want no peas, no rice, no cocanut oil
05 – Hubert Porter – Ten penny nail
06 – Hubert Porter – Miss goosie
07 – Hubert Porter – Rum and coconut water
08 – Lord Tickler – Limbo like me
09 – Hubert Porter – Man smart, woman smarter
10 – Lord Flea & his Calypsonians – Solas Market , Water come from me eye
11 – Lord Lebby – Dr. kinsey report
12 – Hubert Porter – Mary’s lamb


Lee Perry presents
The Jolly Brothers
Con(s)cious Man
Roots Records / Seven Leaves Music 1992

If I hear the song ‘Conscious Man’ I go back in time. It must have
been around 1980 I first heard the song, it brings back memories.
Now I’m a little confused about something. I have always experienced
it as a Lee Perry production. On the 1979 album ‘Consciousness
the producer of the song is claimed to be Tony J. On this record
that was only released in 1992, it is credited to Lee Perry. Now
who really was the producer? On this page I read Lee Perry did
the job in 1977. If anyone can clear up the matter, please do.
Meantime listen to these sublime Perry recordings
with the Black Ark Players ..


01 – Conscious man
02 – Brotherly love
03 – Have a little faith
04 – Back biter
05 – Cool down
06 – Babylon a fight rasta
07 – Dread dreader
08 – Play play
09 – Oppression


the Upsetters – Rhythm Shower (1972)
Trojan Upsetter Box Set lp2
Trojan 1985

Much is said about the quality of this rare record.
This is a copy of the 1985 release on Trojan, The
Upsetter Box Set, Album 2. Whatever you think
of it, it is a record the true Lee Perry collector
would never want to miss. Read all the comments
on Discogs, listen to it and make up your own mind ..

From the other two albums in the box we have
different copies. I’ll do the vinyl another time ..

Er is veel gezegd over de kwaliteit van deze plaat.
Dit is een kopie van de 1985 release op de Trojan
Upsetter Box Set, album 2. Wat je er ook van vindt,
het is een plaat die de serieuze Lee Perry verzamelaar
nooit zou willen missen. Lees alle comments op Discogs,
luister ernaar en vorm je eigen mening ..

Van de twee andere platen in de box hebben we
cd uitvoeringen, ik zal de vinyl later nog eens rippen ..

Discogs, Rhythm Shower
Discogs, Upsetter Box Set

01 – Dillinger & the Upsetters – Tighten up
02 – Sir Lord Comic & the Upsetters – Django shoots first
03 – the Upsetters – Uncle charley
04 – the Upsetters – Sokup
05 – the Upsetters – Double power
06 – the Upsetters – Lover version
07 – the Upsetters – Rumpelsteelkin
08 – Dillinger & the Upsetters – Skanking
09 – the Upsetters – Kuchy skank
10 – Dillinger & the Upsetters – Connection
11 – the Upsetters – Operation


Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry
Judgement in a Babylon
Trojan Records 1981 / 2004

Today, dear music friends, we pay tribute to Rainford Hugh
Perry, better known as Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry. He died in Noel
Holmes Hospital in Western Jamaica age 85 yesterday.
Lee Perry was a legend and a pioneer in reggae music.
He worked with Bob Marley, Junior Murvin, Max Romeo,
Junior Byles, The Congos, The Heptones, Jah Lion, just to
name a view. I saw him quite a number of times and was
a huge fan of his groundbreaking work. Let’s all play
his music for at least a week. There are so many
wonderful records to enjoy. Condolences to
his family and friends. RIP dear Scratch ..

Chicken Scratch Again
with Dub Syndicate, Time Boom X De Devil Dead 1987
Africa’s Blood
Super Ape 1976
Return of the Super Ape 1978
Roast Fish, Collie Weed & Corn Bread 1978
Blackboard Jungle Dub 1981
The Upsetters Chapter 1
Heart of the Ark vol. 2 1983
Kung Fu Meets the Dragon 1996
Upsetters, Double Seven 1976
All posts concerning Lee Perry

01 – Judgement in a babylon
02 – One drop

Bonus tracks;

03 – Lee Perry – Pussy galore
04 – Upsetters – Rejoicing skank
05 – Lee Perry – Bathroom skank
06 – Upsetters – Bingo kid
07 – Lee Perry – Django
08 – Upsetters – Dub it
09 – Lee Perry – Madhead
10 – Upsetters – Bus a dub


Don Evans – Don Evans
Techniques 19??

I recorded the first track for my reggae compilation series
Reggae Monster Originals. It was on vol. 4. Tyrone ‘Don’
Evans was one of the Techniques, during their revival in
1982, find ‘I’ll Never Fall In Love’ (1983) here. This album
from ? is on the ‘Techniques’ label. Tracks three and four
open with a strange hiss, sorry for that ..

De eerste track heb ik al eens gebruikt voor m’n compilatie
serie Reggae Monster Originals. Dat was voor vol. 4. Tyrone
‘Don’ Evans was een van de Techniques na hun heropkomst
in 1982. Vind hun ‘I’ll Never Fall In Love’ hier. Deze plaat komt
uit het jaar ? en staat op het Techniques label. De nummers
drie en vier openen met een vreemd sissend geluid,
sorry daarvoor ..


01 – Telling me
02 – Push on
03 – Move on
04 – Come rain or shine
05 – Will you
06 – Seven heavens
07 – Fight for your right
08 – To be a lover
09 – Where did I go wrong
10 – Lately I found out


Derrick Lara – Right on Time
Masai 1982

Today we find these 10 soulful songs with the not so
well known Derrick Lara, cousin of Jennifer. As you can
see in the line-up he brought all the right musicians.
Powerful sound on this 1982 album, don’t miss it.
Mixed by Brutal Soljie Hamilton, Peter Chemist ..

Vandaag hebben we deze plaat met de niet zo bekende
Derrick Lara, neef van Jennifer. Zoals je in de line-up kunt
zien bracht hij al de juiste muzikanten mee. Lekker dikke
sound op dit album uit 1982. Mis hem niet. Gemixed
door Brutal Soljie Hamilton, Peter Chemist ..

WikiBious, Bio

01 – Hello stranger
02 – Right on time
03 – Mind your business
04 – Second that emotion
05 – You have changed
06 – Lonely lover
07 – She is so easy love
08 – Clothes
09 – Girlfriend
10 – My place