Charlie Palmieri y su Orquesta
El Gigante del Teclado
Roulette 1974

Carlos Manuel ‘Charlie’ Palmieri was born in New York. His parents
moved there from Puerto Rico in 1926, one year earlier. Both Charlie
and his nine year younger brother Eddie played the piano and were
very succesful. Charlie played with loads of musicians such as Tito
puente, Celia Cruz, Ismael Rivera, Rafael Cortijo, Ismael Quintana,
Ray Barretto and many more. This is his 1974 album
‘El Gigante del Teclado’..

Carlos Manuel ‘Charlie’ Palmieri was geboren New Yorker. Zijn ouders
verhuisden er naartoe vanuit Puerto Rico in 1926, 1 jaar eerder. Beide
Charlie en zijn negen jaar jongere broer Eddie ware pianisten en zeer
succesvol. Charlie speelde met legio artiesten zoals as Tito puente,
Celia Cruz, Ismael Rivera, Rafael Cortijo, Ismael Quintana, Ray Barretto
en vele anderen. Dit is zijn album El Gigante del Teclado uit 1974 ..


01 – La hija de lola
02 – La llave y el candao
03 – Coco
04 – Que se vaya
05 – El mundo esta bien
06 – Sedante de rhumba
07 – El pan sobao


Willie Colon – The Hustler
Fania 1968

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Once I re-tasted the flavour of Willie’s marvelous sound, it was
a small and logical step to bring more of his splendid albums.
This is solid black gold. With hector Lavoe’s great voice and
the rest of this, still very young, band you can’t go wrong.
Willies first album is also for grabs here. This is his second
from 1968. Early New York salsa from one of the
finest in the field .. more will follow ..

Toen ik de geweldige sound van Willie Colon’s band terug hoorde
was het een kleine en logische stap, hoog tijd voor meer van zijn
platen. Dit is puur goud. Met de machtig mooie stem van Hector
Lavoe en de rest van deze, nog zeer jonge, band kun je niet mis
gaan. Willie’s eerste plaat is ook downloadbaar, hier. Dit is zijn
tweede album uit 1968. Vroege New York salsa
van een van de beste in dit veld .. volgt snel meer ..

01 – The hustler
02 – Que lio
03 – Montero
04 – Se acaba este mundo
05 – Guajiron
06 – Eso se baila asi
07 – Havana


Fernando Lavoy y Los Soneros
SAR / Guajiro 1982

Roberto Torres

It has been almost two years since we had us a record
on the New York SAR label. If it concerns a production
by Roberto Torres it is always right. The one we find
here today is a classic. Fernando Lavoy does the vocal
parts. Engineered by John Fausty and tremendous
sleeve design by José Expósito. A must have ..

Het is alweer bijna twee jaar geleden dat we een plaat
hadden op het New Yorkse SAR label. Als het dan ook
nog een Roberto Torres productie betreft is het altijd
goed. Deze is een klassieker. Vocalen door Fernando
Lavoy, enginnering door John Fausty en een omslag
ontworpen door José Expósito. Een must have ..

Fernando Lavoy, All Music
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Roberto Torres, Wikipedia
Roberto Torres, Discogs
Roberto Torres Recuerda a Trio Matamoros 1981
Roberto Torres Presenta a su Amigo Papaito 1979
Roberto Torres y sus Caminantes, Estan en Buenas Manos 1977
Roberto Torres Presenta a Laba Sosseh 1981
Roberto Torres, Corazon de Pueblo 1984
Roman y su Conjunto, Nabori 1981
Monguito el no. 1, Yo No Soy Mentiroso 1979
Chico Alvarez, Montuneando 1981
Papaito, Rinde Homenaje a Abelardo Barroso 1980
Alfredo Valdes Jr. y su Charanga, La Fiesta No Es Para Feos 1982
Lita Branda, La Tigresa de la Salsa 1982
Monguito el Unico ! 1984
Papaito, Para Mis Amigos 1984
Papaito, Papaito 1980

01 – No voy a dormir
02 – Cójelo suave
03 – Pegaditos
04 – Juana la sin goma
05 – Arolle bailando
06 – No vuelvo contigo


Carlos Carvajal y la Colombia All Stars
Live in Central Park, invitado especial:
Piper Pimienta Diaz y Raffi Perez
Discos Toka 1978

Carlos Carvajal, voorkant

Piper Pemienta Diaz

We hebben er niet veel maar vandaag eens een live registratie
van een salsa concert in Central Park, New York 1978. Met speciaal
genodigde Piper Pimienta Diaz die we natuurlijk kennen van los Latin
Brothers. New York was in die tijd de hoofdstad van de salsa brava,
lekker ruig geluid met veel trombone en dikke zangpartijen.
Carlos Carvajal begon zijn carriere bij Peregoyo
y su Combo Vacana.

We haven’t seen a whole lot of them but today we’ve got us a live
registration of a salsa concert in Central Park, New York 1978. With
special guest Piper Pemienta Diaz who we know from los Latin Brothers
of course. New York was the capital of salsa brava in those days, rough
though sweet sound with lots of trombone and great vocal parts.
Carlos Carvajal started his career with Peregoyo
y su Combo Vacana.

titels ;

01 – Cañaveral
02 – Asi se baila
03 – Varon-varon
04 – Amor mezquino
05 – Mosaico del recuerdo


Eddie Palmieri y su Conjunto ‘la Perfecta’ El Molestoso
Alegre Records 1963

Eddie Palmieri, front

This is the second lp by latin pianist Eddie Palmieri and his group
‘La Perfecta’. They were the originators of a sound called ‘trombanga’,
introducing two trombones and a flute instead of trumpets. This contributed
a lot to their early sixties succes in the New York latin scene. Later it was
also used by artists such as Willie Colon and Manny Oquendo among others.
The vocals on this 1963 album are taken care of by Ismael Quintana. Enjoy..


1   El molestoso
2   Asi es la humanidad
3   Lazaro y su microfono
4   Contento estoy
5   Sabroso guaguanco
6   Yo sin ti
7   Co un amor se borra otro amor
8   En cadenas
9   La gioconda
10  No critiques


Cortijo y su Nuevo Combo – Champions
Coco Records 1975

Cortijo, front, cd size

Next friday I’ll be doing another evening of deejaying in that same
local bar I did an African night not so long ago. This time it will be
an evening with only South-American music. From Salsa to Reggaeton and
from Merengue to Samba. Both Old and New sounds, Urban and Traditional.
I am getting in the mood already by posting this great album from 1975.
Rhythm and Percussion hero Cortijo is a titan, he brings us Guaracha,
Plena, Bomba and Bolero on this LP. I especially like the young female
voice which appears to be from his daughter ( if I’m not mistaking ) Fe
Cortijo. If you like some Salsa, don’t let it pass, it’s a true pearl.

Do you live nearby and want to come dancing ?
Friday, october 23
from 21.00 to 3.00
in Café ‘t Wapen van Hilversum
Groest 27, Hilversum


1 Pica pica
2 Los aduaneros
3 Esto no es amor
4 El bochinche
5 Watergate
6 Birinbombeo
7 Dilo tu
8 Bum-Bin
9 Amor
10 Ponganse duro


Los Kimbos – Los Kimbos, Cotique/Fania 1976

Los Kimbos, front, cd size

I felt like posting some salsa today and choose an album with
the voice of Adalberto Santago. Debut album of Los Kimbos,
good music, good voice, good atmosphere.


1 Los Kimbos
2 Enamorado
3 Te soy sincero
4 Salamera
5 Canto a elegua
6 El lapiz
7 Bonco
8 Tras un vacio
9 La verdad
10 Los Kimbos


Skah-Shah ( l’ex Shleu-Shleu d’Haïti ) – Guêpe Pangnole
Maggie Records 1974

I have to confess to you visitors I am not particular loyal to
my own formula. I started this page to bring together music from
all over the globe, as the blogtitle suggests. Slowly however African
music is taking over. Therefore it is a good thing that visitors wake
me up sometimes, and show me some inspirational material.

Compas ( Kompa ) from Haïti is a delightful style of party music, and
I have a special album for you today. After Shleu-Shleu had split up
part of them decided to stay in Haïti and part moved to New York City.
There they started Skah-Shah of which this is the first album, read_more .


1 Guêpe pangnole
2 Kelly
3 Vinn’ dancé
4 Apparence
5 Rinmin
6 Consolation
7 Bam passe


Horace Andy – Dance Hall Style, Wackie’s 1983

Hello Groovers,
what happened this morning. I visited a fellow music blog, one I had
linked at my own sidebar, when I found out he had turned the blog
into a site where you pay for every song you download. I thought
the whole idea behind these pages was to share your old vinyl-
collection with your friends online. At this blog the music always
was, is, and will be FREE. Sharing my old records with you guys makes
me feel good, I hope it does you too. I removed that link from my page.
Bye Bye !

To demonstrate this feeling I ripped us a great old reggae album. One
that always had a special place with me. Horace Andy’s voice is very
unique, one you can always easily recognize. Great songs, produced by
Bullwackie in a great way, strongly overdubbed and with a fine message.
Money, money, money, root of all evil !
It was about time I posted some reggae by the way, much too long ago !


1 Money money
2 Lonely woman
3 Cuss cuss
4 Stop the fuss
5 Spying glass
6 Let’s live in love


Pacheco y El Conde – Los Compadres, Fania 1972

I think I’ve got to make up a bit with all Latinlovers in our
community. It’s been a while since we had some nice salsa.
In 1972, Johnny Pacheco and Pete ‘El Conde’ Rodriguez were
at the peak of their career. There are no other musicians
credited here, a shame because they really deserve to be.
Very fine album by the man without whom Fania wouldn’t have
been the same, Johnny Pacheco is the Man.


1 Dulce con dulce
2 Mujer ingrata
3 Moreno
4 Baldemira
5 Recordando a Carmelina
6 Soy el mejor
7 Yolanda
8 Solito
9 Agarrate de la brocha
10 De que te vale


Johnny Pacheco / Hector Casanova – Los Amigos, Fania 1979

As you might have noticed I am a big fan of Johnny Pacheco.
Well, he’s back, this time with Hector Casanova and they are friends.
The album is produced and directed by Johnny, Hector takes care
of the vocal parts. Johnny Pacheco and Ramon Rodriguez backgr.
vocals. Other personel; Louis Ortiz, Hector Zarzuela, Ray Maldonado,
Papo Lucca, Sal Cuevas, Eddie Montalvo, Louis Mangual, Charlie
Rodriguez and Santiago Ceron.
Enjoy this,


1 Agua de clavelito
2 La mulata
3 Los pollos no tienen dientes
4 Yo quiero morir cantando
5 Sale a buscar
6 El rey
7 Si la tierra tiembl
8 Adoracion
9 Chamaca
10 Me llevaron la cartera


Orchestra Harlow – Salsa, Fania 1974

…in the mean time, Blogging goes on !

Hey Groovers, have you heard this one ?
Incredibly good album by Larry Harlow’s Orchestra, Larry
plays the piano and orchestrates like no other. This is a
killer from the beginning till the end, fireworks I’d say.
Junior Gonzalez’ vocals, Pacheco’s flute, and


1 No quiero
2 La cartera
3 Popo pa’mi
4 No hay amigo
5 Sueltame
6 El paso de encarnacion
7 Wampo
8 Silencio


Pacheco – The Artist
Fania 1977

Pacheco, front, cd size

Hello Groovers, your long waiting is finally rewarded.
Johnny Pacheco takes us for another New York Salsa ride,
and he knows the way like no other. Pacheco, ‘the Artist’.


1 Esa prieta
2 La yerba brava
3 Mi propia sangre
4 La chiva
5 Dirindinde
6 El inventor
7 Amarra el perro
8 Tu no sabes na
9 Ileana
10 Corso y montuno


Ray Barretto – the Message, Fania 1972

Ray Barretto, front, cd size

Another very lucky find on my last recordhunt was this Ray Barretto.
It’s cover was in vey bad condition but the LP was still in
surprisingly well state. One spin was enough to know, topmaterial
from the Fania Family. Check it.


1 Se traba
2 Con el cimarron
3 Alma con alma
4 Flor de los lindos campos
5 Arrepientete
6 Te traigo mi Son
7 O elefante
8 Seguire sin soñar