Prince Buster – Dance Cleopatra Dance
Blue Elephant Records 1972

Prince Buster wrote some ska killers that will never fade.
One of his dance floor killers is ‘Dance Cleopatra’. This album
from 1972 contains thirteen nice songs, but its opening track
remains the best. Madness is the song that gave the English
group their name. This is not an official career album, it is a
Dutch compilation on Blue Elephant Records. Some great
songs here. If you don’t have this record,
don’t hesitate to get it. Enjoy listening ..

Prince Buster schreef diverse gigantische hits die nooit zullen
vergaan. Één van die dansvloer killers is ‘Dance Cleopatra’. Dit
album bevat dertien goede nummers, maar de opener blijft de
bom. Madness is het nummer dat de Engelse groep zijn naam
verschafte. Dit is geen origineel carrière album, maar een Ne-
derlandse compilatie uit 1972 op Blue Elephant Records. Hij
bevat wat gouden songs. Als je’m nog niet hebt, twijfel
niet hem binnen te halen. Luisterplezier dus ..

more Busters

01 – Dance cleopatra
02 – Madness
03 – Take it easy
04 – Oh love
05 – Times to risc
06 – 007
07 – Come to jamaica
08 – Cincinatty kid
09 – More over
10 – Sounds and pressure
11 – On the beach
12 – Al capone
13 – Waiting for my rude girl

bonus track
14 – Al capone (best version)


Prince Buster – She Was a Rough Rider
Westmoor WBBCD 02

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Good morning, not so many posts lately as you have
certainly noticed. I’m very busy on another project which
is consuming all my time momentarily. No worries, the GG
is still here. No plans to stop, just doing other things for
a while. Meantime listen to the great Prince Buster ..

Goeiemorgen, erg weinig posts de laatste tijd zoals je vast
al zult hebben gemerkt. Ik ben erg druk met een ander project
dat all m’n tijd opslokt momenteel. Geen zorgen, de GG is
hier nog steeds. Geen plannen om te stoppen, gewoon
even iets anders aan het hoofd. Luister ondertussen
naar de geweldige Prince Buster ..


Original Golden Oldies
Fabulous Greatest Hits 1968

01 – Rough rider
02 – Dreams to remember
03 – Scorcher
04 – Hypocrites
05 – Walk with love
06 – Taxation
07 – Bye bye baby
08 – Tenderness
09 – Wine or grind
10 – Can’t keep on running
11 – Closer together
12 – Going to the river


Slim Smith – The Late and Great
Angen 1976

Slim Smith HTD
Born to Love 1991

01 – Everybody needs love
02 – Place in the sun
03 – Slip away
04 – Everybody needs somebody
05 – People get ready
06 – Ain’t too proud to beg
07 – Zip a de do dah
08 – The time has come
09 – My conversation
10 – The beatitude
11 – Gypsy woman
12 – Turning point
13 – A yuh
14 – One fine day


Prince Buster – Fabulous Greatest Hits
Fab Fab Melodisc Music 1968

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There’s hardly a man, woman or child in Jamaica who doesn’t
know the voice of Prince Buster. Turn on the radio any hour of
the day or night, and his infectious Blue Beat is certain to start
echoing round the room. His records dominate the jukeboxes,
and wherever he appears, the “House Full” signs are displayed
long before he makes his entrance on stage. ( backsleeve ..)

Prince Buster’s Blue Beat, later called Ska, conquered England
and America already in the sixties. Later his songs were covered
by many groups such as the Specials when ska music relived
from the late seventies. Contains his famous Al Capone
and Ten Commandments. Get it & spread it ..


01 – Earthquake
02 – Texas hold-up
03 – Freezing up orange street
04 – Free love
05 – Julie
06 – Take it easy
07 – Judge dread
08 – Too hot
09 – Ghost dance
10 – Ten commandments
11 – Al capone
12 – Barrister pardon


Gregory Isaacs – In Person
GG Records 1974

Gregory’s first album was released in 1974 on Alvin Ranglin’s
GG label. Funny coïncidence, wonder what it stands for. This
record contains ‘Love Over Due’ which was Gregory’s first
Jamaican No. 1 single. Another reggae lover’s must have ..

01 – Sweeter the victory
02 – Love over due
03 – Financial endorsement
04 – Be careful
05 – Another heart ache
06 – If you’re in love
07 – Dreams come true
08 – The way she walks
09 – Far beyond the valley
10 – Happiness come
11 – No forgivenes
12 – Love disguise


Duke Reid – Ba Ba Boom
Trojan Records 1988

01 – The Jamaicans – Ba ba boom
02 – The Paragons – Only a smile
03 – The Three Tops – Do it right
04 – Justin Hinds and theDominoes – Carrie go bring come
05 – The Techniques – I’m in the mood for love
06 – Alton Ellis – Willow tree
07 – The Paragons – My best girl
08 – The Gladiators – Sweet soul music
09 – Alton Ellis – Breaking up
10 – The Tennors – Hopeful village
11 – The Termites – Love up kisss up
12 – Justin Hinds and the Dominoes – Brotheration
13 – John Holt & Joya Landis – I’ll be lonely
14 – Phyllis Dillon – Midnight confession
15 – The Tennors – Weather report
16 – The Melodians – Passion love


Nos “Rey” Boy Dap
Tumba “King”, el “Rey” de la Tumba
Curaçao di Curazon, Virmar 001

Boy Dap was called King for playing and singing his Tumba and Sehu
in his own style. His records sold in Venezuela, Puerto Rico, Colombia,
Suriname and the Netherlands. The first song is a live registration,
people go crazy for his Basilon. track #6 is also live.
Salsa Antiyana sung in papiamento ..

Hij was een van de meest populaire zangers van de Nederlandse Antillen
in zijn dagen. Met releases in Venezuele, Puerto Rico, Colombia, Suriname
en hier in Nederland. Boy Dap werd de ‘King’ genoemd vanwege zijn eigen-
zinnige manier van optreden. Salsa Antiyana in papiamento ..

tracks 1,2,5,6,7,8 with Estrellas del Caribe
track 3,9,10 with Mario Motta y su New Latin Combo
track 4 with Six Dimension

tracks ;

01 – Basilon (live)
02 – Paga mi pica
03 – Cariño y amor
04 – Mi ta stima bo
05 – Nan di
06 – Dale cos (live)
07 – Cruz cu ne
08 – Con cu bo ke
09 – Incomparable
10 – Dushi di mi so


Alton Ellis – Still in Love
Trojan Records 1977 / 1994



It was first released by Trojan Records in 1977. This is the
re-release from 1994. Trojan Records just celebrated its 50
years of existence with a great box of elpees and ceedees,
watch the video. Alton Ellis was the main
originator of rocksteady, listen..

Deze plaat werd aanvankelijk door Trojan Records uitgebracht
in 1977, dit is de heruitgave uit 1994. Het prestigieuze label
heeft juist haar 50 jarig bestaan gevierd met de uitgave van een
schitterende box, zie video. Alton Ellis was één van de voor-
naamste vertolkers van rocksteady, luister..

tracks ;

01 – Change of plan
02 – Confusion
03 – Breaking up
04 – Muriel
05 – Give us the reason
06 – Play it cool
07 – I am still in love
08 – Life worth living
09 – Reggae with you
10 – Stop a while
11 – I believe in love
12 – Rock steady


Best of Studio One, vol. 2 – Full Up
Various Artists, Heartbeat 1985


from 1985 we’ve got this second volume of Heartbeat’s Best
of Studio One. Again a sweet collection of songs from the
prestigious Jamaican label. I don’t think I’ll ever get
tired of it, how about you .. ?

Uit 1985 is dit dan de tweede volume van Heartbeat’s Best of
Studio One. Wederom een lekkere verzameling liedjes uit de
vroege jaren van het prestigieuze Jamaicaanse label. Ik krijg
hier nooit genoeg van, en jij ..?

tracks ;

01 – Carlton and the Shoes – Love me forever
02 – The Paragons – Danger in your eyes
03 – Culture – Behold the land
04 – The Bassies – Big mistake
05 – Willie Williams – Armagideon time
06 – Lone Ranger – Love bump
07 – Norma Frazier – First cut is the deepest
08 – Delroy Wilson and Slim Smith – Look who is back again
09 – The Ethiopians – Open the gate
10 – Bob Andy – Desperate lover
11 – John Holt – I don’t want to see you cry
12 – Sound Dimension – Full up


Best of Studio One – Various Artists
Heartbeat Records 1983





From 1983 we’ve got this awesome collector of Studio One classic
recordings. It concerns volume one on Heartbeat Records. Sweet
reggae/rocksteady tunes you should not want to miss out on.
Check the file for inside 6 page booklet with a
whole lot of interesting info..

Uit 1983 hebben we vandaag deze geweldige collectie klassieke
Studio One opnamen. Heerlijke reggae/rocksteady deuntjes die
je vast voor geen goud zou willen missen. Kijk snel in de file, het
zes pagina’s tellende bijgeleverde boekje bevat veel nuttige
informatie. Dit is volume één, de tweede volgt snel..

tracks ;

01 – The cables – Baby why
02 – The Termites – My last love
03 – Marcia Griffiths – Melody life
04 – Alton Ellis – Can I change my mind
05 – Johnnie Osbourne – Jah promise
06 – Michigan and Smilie – Rub a dub style
07 – Dennis Brown – Impossible
08 – The Heptones – Party time
09 – Larry Marshall – Throw me corn
10 – Slim Smith – Born to love
11 – The Gladiators – Roots natty
12 – Sugar Minott – Oh mr. D.C.
13 – Judah Tafari Eskender – Rastafari tell you
14 – Wailing Souls – Row fisherman row


Slim Smith – Born to Love
Heartbeat 1991



Studio One bracht dit album aanvankelijk uit in
1973. Dit is de cd versie op Heartbeat uit 1991.

originally released on Studio One records in 1973,
this is the 1991 cd version on Heartbeat records.

Keith ‘Slim’ Smith’s untimely death in 1973 brought an end
to the career of one of Jamaica’s most revered singers whose
musical legacy remains untarnished to this day. An achingly
soulful singer, whose vocal style was reminiscent of the
Impressions’ Curtis Mayfield, Slim Smith personified the
greatness of the rocksteady and early reggae periods of
which he is a principal voice. Slim Smith started his career
as a member of the Victors Youth Band who where among
the champions of the 1964 Jamaica Festival. Moving to Duke
Reid’s Treasure Isle label, he and Frederick Waite, Franklyn
White and Winston Riley became known as the Techniques.
Slim Smith moved to Studio One as a solo artist recording a
series of succesful singles that Clement Dodd compiled as the
basis for the ‘Born to Love’ album. This album is a testament
to Slim Smith’s greatness both as a singer and a songwriter.
Enjoy the soulful stylings of the great Slim Smith. ( Heartbeat )

titels ;

01 – Born to love
02 – I’ve got your number
03 – You don’t care
04 – Rougher yet
05 – I’ll be around
06 – I’ll never let go
07 – Happy times
08 – The new boss
09 – Keep that light
10 – Do you love me


Alton Ellis – the Best of Alton Ellis
Treasure Isle 1995


In 1969 uitgebracht op Coxsone Records, CSL 8019, met twaalf
nummers. Dit is de cd versie op Treasure Isle records, CSCD 8019
met 16 nummers uit 1995. Alton Ellis werd ook wel de Godfather
of Rocksteady genoemd. In het kader van de Studio One releases
hier op de Global Groove, veel luisterplezier..

Originally released as CSL 8019 on Coxsone Records with 12 tracks.
This is the cd version on Treasure Isle from 1995, CSCD 8019, with
16 tracks. Alton Ellis was also called the Godfather of Rocksteady.
Next in row here at the Global groove for Studio One releases,
produced by Sir Coxsone Dodd..

titels ;

01 – Can I Change Your Mind
02 – Breaking Up Is Hard (Extended)
03 – This Feeling Of Love
04 – Land Of Loving
05 – Pearls
06 – Knock On Wood
07 – Can’t Stop Now
08 – Remember That Sunday
09 – Baby I Love You
10 – Jamaica
11 – Sitting In The Park
12 – Set A Better Example
13 – Chatty Chatty
14 – Cry Tough
15 – Still Trying
16 – Weeping Willow (Extended)


Delroy Wilson – Original Twelve
the Best of Delroy Wilson
Studio One / Coxsone 1969


Goeiemiddag, hier is de volgende heerlijke Studio One plaat.
De werken van Clement Coxsone Dodd zijn legendarisch te
noemen en daarom doen we er nog maar eentje. Delroy
Wilson is een van de pioniers afkomstig van jamaica en
deze schijf vinyl brengt twaalf prachtige songs van zijn
hand. Helaas heeft hij een beetje kraak en nummer 7
ook een tik, sorry daarvoor. Verder veel luistergenot.

Good afternoon, see here the next wonderful Studio One
record. The works of Clement Coxsone Dodd can be called
legendary so let’s do one more today. Delroy Wilson is one
of the pioneers from Jamaica and this slice of vinyl brings us
twelve beautiful songs by him. Unfortunately it has some
background noise and track 7 also a pop, sorry about that.
Part from that it’s pure listening pleasure.

titels ;

01 – Riding for a fall
02 – Run run
03 – Feel the spirit
04 – Get ready
05 – Troubled man
06 – True believer
07 – Ungrateful baby
08 – Run for youe life
09 – Gonna make it
10 – Conquer me
11 – Someone gonna cry
12 – Impossible


Duke Reid – Golden Hits Treasure Isle

Duke Reid, front

…Duke Reid then became the new champion of Beat Street:
He was crowned ‘King of Sound and Blues’ for the years 1956-58
at the Succes Club in Kingston’s Wildman Street. Born in 1915,
the colourful Reid had served in the police force, where he had
been a champion marksman. After leaving the police he kept up
his connections, ran a thriving liquor business with his wife, and
continued to rear his guns at all times – pianist Theophilius Beck-
ford remembers Duke with a .45 and a .22 tucked into his waitband
and a rifle at his side, and Cocksone joked that he even kept them
on in the bath. The armaments created a forceful impression that
couls often be intimidating, as singer Derrick Morgan cecalled,
talking about his 1959 audition: “I go down by Duke Reid, an’ when
I go down there I see this man in a him liquor store. I say: good
mornin’ mista Duke. Im say: What can I do for you now? I think
he ‘ave two two gun a him side, an’ him finger full a ring. I say:
I hear that you havin’ audition suh, an’ I come fe sing too. Im say:
You can sing? I say: yes, so ‘im say: sing – in front of all who
The combination of powerful sound system and Duke’s aggressive
bearing also attrackted the so-called ‘bad men’ of the day – man
like Dapper Dan, Buggy an’ Horse, Sam Jeggy and Gearge Moore.
They acted as ‘enforcers’ around the dance, and they or their friends
would also sabotage dances held by other sounds, usually by lobbing
stones over the fence or by starting fights…
( the Rough Guide to Reggae )


1 You don’t care
2 Here I stand
3 Rock steady
4 You don’t need me
5 Do it right
6 Only a smile
7 Baba boom
8 Persian cat & once a man
9 I caught you
10 Last train to expo ’67
11 Midnight hour
12 Music is my occupation