Bembeya Jazz sous la direction de Diaoune Hamidou
Editions Syliphone Conakry 1968

Bembeya Jazz, front

Something quite special for you today.
This is SLP 4 on the mighty ‘Editions Syliphone
Conakry’ label from Guinée. It’s from 1968
and a real treasure.

Diaoune Hamidou – Bassite
Kaba Achken Mohamed – Trompettiste soliste
Camara Sekhou Legrow – Trompettiste
Camara Mamadou – Guitare accompagement
Dioubate Sekou – Guitare solo
Dioubate Siaka – Tumbiste
Camara Demba – Chanteur soliste
Cone Mory – Batteur
Kaba Salifou – Guiros
Traore Bangaly – Saxo tenor


1 Djanfamagni
2 Almamy mamaren
3 Dembaty galant
4 Guinée hety horémoun
5 Minuit
6 Bembeyako
7 Air Guinée
8 Djamana bara sabati
9 Trafiquant
10 Loi-cadre

Hope U enjoy !


Bembeya Jazz National – Special Recueil-Souvenir,Mémoire de Aboubacar Demba Camara,Les 11 plus grands succes internationaux,Editions Syliphone Conakry, SLP 44, 1974

Bembeya Jazz National, front

Bembeya Jazz National

To remember and hail the great ‘Aboubacar Demba Camara’ and
pass his legacy to the younger generations, Syliphone
made this LP with their 11 biggest international successes.
Bembeya Jazz National led by Aboubacar Demba Camara.
Aboubacar died in a tragic traffic-accident, april 5th, 1973,
Listen and experience sheer beauty,
..I am blown away…
..sweet Rumba-Guinée..


1 Moussogbe
2 Beni barale
3 La Guinée
4 Dagna
5 Fatoumata
6 Armee Guineenne
7 Ballake
8 Alla-lake
9 Waraba
10 N’borin
11 N’wato m’barale