african acoustic
From the Copperbelt… Zambian Miners’ Songs
Various Artists, Original Music 1989


I was asked if there was more in this series and it just so
happens there is. I almost forgot about it. This one comes from
cd and it is from 1989. The songs the copper miners from the
early years in Zambia used to sing. Not only miners but also
minstrels who travelled from mine to mine putting on shows
in the compounds for a living. We hear about three languages,
Aushi, Bemba and Luunda. Bemba and Luunda being from Zaïre.

Ik kreeg de vraag of er meer delen in deze serie beschikbaar
waren en ik vergat bijna deze. Hij komt van cd en verscheen in
1989. We vinden hier de muziek van de kopermijnwerkers uit
de ‘Copperbelt’. We horen niet alleen de mijnwerkers maar ook
rondtrekkende muzikanten die van mijn naar mijn trokken en
shows opzetten om hun brood te verdienen. We horen hier
voornamelijk de talen, Aushi, Bemba en Luunda. Bemba en
Luunda zijn talen die uit Zaïre stammen.

tracks ;

01 – Stephen Tsotsi Kasumali – Konta iya iya konta
02 – Isaac Matafwami & Sunkutu – Eko bali mukanina bamayo
03 – Stephen Tsotsi Kasumali – Kazembe mayo
04 – Mbasela Kunda And William Munyanda – Nina namusonda sanguweji
05 – Stephen Tsotsi Kasumali – Kabula nina kamushalila
06 – Stephen Tsotsi Kasumali – Marita ku mampampa
07 – William Mapulanga & Friends – Mukashi wamunobe
08 – Stephen Tsotsi Kasumali – Ematambo waifwe bantu
09 – Isaac Matafwami & Sunkutu – Kakonko
10 – Stephen Tsotsi Kasumali – Amano yabulo noko
11 – John Lushi – Kapokola na ku kitwe
12 – John Lushi – Bamgufya ba kwoti banapengili amapa
13 – William Siwale & Friends – Mayo mayo
14 – Cisenga, Cungu & Musonda – Tubamu tumo tulawamisha
15 – Kabushi & Mwenya – Mwe baiyashi centeleni
16 – Cisenga, Cungu & Musonda – Castle beer
17 – Luson Mwape Muchalo – Chilumendo chakumona
18 – Four Pals – Maselino yayayuyayu
19 – Four Pals – Nifwe ba four pals

Various Artists – Sound d’Afrique II, ‘Soukous’,
Island 1982

Sound d'Afrique 2, front, cd size

I had this LP waiting and promised some time now, Pt. 1 was posted
some weeks ago. It contains music from different countrys, in
different styles and was a hot item, back in the 80’s.
As far as I’m concerned, it still is.
Sorry it took so long Mona, cheers !


1 Lea Lignanzi – Dede Priscilla ( Central African Republic )
2 Mensy – Ane ya ( Cameroun )
3 Vongo Aye – Bolingo Mobesu ( Zaire )
4 Moussa Doumbia – Menebo Nden ( Mali )
5 Pablo Lubadika Porthos – Madeleina ( Zaire )
6 Jeff Louna – Paulina mineur ( Congo )
7 Asi Kapela – Yoyoyo ( Zaire )


Various Artists – Sound d’Afrique
Island 1981

Sound d'Afrique, front

It was such a day today, I blew two rippings in a row and thought;
‘Okay, let’s wait a couple of hours and start all over’.

Just one post today so I made it with a special album.
This is one of the LP’s that made me fall in love with
African music. It was 1981 when Island Records threw it
in the middle of us. We danced around it like crazy, and
I still do. It is in one word ‘Superb’.
Put it on, volume up, stand in the middle of your room,
now let go…
Sound d’Afrique 2 will follow.


1 Mekongo – Me bowa ya ( Cameroun )
2 Eba Aka Jerome – Massoua mo ( Ivory Coast )
3 Kambou Clement – Dounougnan ( Upper Volta )
4 Pablo – Bo mbanda ( Zaire )
5 Etoile de Dakar – Jalo ( Senegal )
6 Menga Mokombi – Moboma ( Congo )