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Categorie archives: Soul

  • Tuesday March 5, 2019


    I was listening some old soul records to play in my buddy’s record store
    on Record Store Day in april to come when I stumbled on this one.
    What a huge impact it had after such a long time not playing it.
    Bobby Bland’s ‘The Soul of The Man’ is a killer without a filler ..
    originally released in 1966.

    “Once in a lifetime an artist is able to emote…to project the power
    and beauty…to share the innermost depth and passion of himself
    …with a listener. Rarely is the occasion opportune for such powerfully
    communicative communion, amd even rarer is the miracle that it could
    be captured on a record. …” ( sleeve notes )

    Ik was wat oude soul platen aan het luisteren om te draaien op Record Store
    Day in de platenzaak van mijn vriend Gerard half april a.s., toen ik op deze
    stuitte. Wat een machtig mooie elpee en wat een verpletterende indruk maakte
    hij, ik had hem jaren niet gehoord. Bobby Bland’s ‘The Soul of The Man, wat
    een killer .. Oorspronkelijk uitgebracht in 1966.

    tracks ;

    01 – I can’t stop
    02 – Back in the same old bag
    03 – Deep in my soul
    04 – Reach right out
    05 – Ain’t nobody’s business
    06 – Fever
    07 – Too late for tears
    08 – Let’s get together
    09 – Soul stretch
    10 – Dear bobby (the note)
    11 – Playgirl


    Posted by Moos
    at 1:59 PM
  • Monday February 11, 2019


    super-eagles-backsleeve-detail just click on


    This Gambian group appears here with their debut album from
    1969 on Decca. They play a mixture of styles from pop and soul
    to rumba, bolero, pachanga and highlife, happy sound.
    Unfortunately track nine has some nasty pops..

    Super Eagles is een band uit Gambia die hier verschijnt met hun
    eerste plaat uit 1969 op Decca. Ze spelen een bonte mix van pop
    en soul tot rumba, bolero pachanga en highlife, happy sound.
    Helaas heeft nummer negen wat lelijke tikken..

    tracks ;

    01 – Viva super eagles
    02 – Dohi gudi bahut
    03 – Gambia su nous raew
    04 – Aduna poti ndala
    05 – Love’s a real thing
    06 – Hey jude
    07 – Gambia zambia – african unity
    08 – Don’t do that to me
    09 – Tagu nein lein
    10 – Alieu gori-mami
    11 – False love
    12 – Gail gain chi rabi


    Posted by Moos
    at 10:16 AM
  • Friday August 17, 2018


    R E S P E C T !
    RIP Aretha..

    tracks ;

    01 – Don’t play that song
    02 – The thrill is gone ( from yesterday’s kiss )
    03 – Pullin’
    04 – You and me
    05 – Honest I do
    06 – Spirit in the dark
    07 – When the battle is over
    08 – One way ticket
    09 – Try matty’s
    10 – That’s all I want from you
    11 – Oh no not my baby
    12 – Why I sing the blues


    Posted by Moos
    at 6:56 AM
  • Wednesday March 14, 2018


    This is Frederick Nathaniel hibbert, better known as Toots
    Hibbert from Toots & the Maytals. The elpee we’ve got today
    has been released in many forms. Island originally came with
    it in 1973. My copy concerns the 1976 re-release. It has the
    same tracks as the original one. Some other versions contain
    more songs. As the title suggests the reggae is slightly funky,
    typical ’73 sound from the caribbean island when a lot of soul
    was made . Always loved Funky Kingston, get it and spread it..

    Dit is Frederick Nathaniel hibbert, beter bekend als Toots
    Hibbert van Toots & the Maytals. De plaat die we vandaag
    hebben is in veel verschillende uitgaven verschenen. Island
    kwam er eerst mee in 1973. Mijn kopie is een heruitgave uit
    1976. Hij bevat dezelfde nummers als de eerste. Sommige
    versies hebben meer liedjes. Zoals reeds in de titel gesug-
    gereerd bevat de elpee een iets funkiër soort reggae.
    Typisch ’73 geluid van het caribbisch eiland waar in die
    periode veel soul werd gemaakt. Funky Kingston is een
    hit die altijd goed blijft, pak hem en pass hem..

    tracks ;

    01 – Sit right down
    02 – Pomp and pride
    03 – Louie louie
    04 – I can’t believe
    05 – Redemption song
    06 – Daddy
    07 – Funky kingston
    08 – It was written down


    Posted by Moos
    at 5:08 PM
  • Sunday March 1, 2015

    Don Covay, front

    Don Covay, back

    This sunday soulbrothers we’ve got an album by one
    of the most influential singers in the field. Even his
    weepies are different and breathe a certain coolness.
    His work was an inspirational source for many to
    follow. I am a fan, that’s for sure. Listen
    to the great Don Covay, sweeet..
    ..and what a title, do you think
    the ‘I’ thing refers to reggae
    track ‘Memphis’ ?
    I and I do..


    01 – Overtime man
    02 – Leave him pt.1
    03 – I stayed away too long
    04 – I was checkin’ out, she was chenkin’ in
    05 – Hold you to your promise
    06 – Memphis
    07 – The pinch hitters
    08 – Somebody’s been enjoying my home
    09 – Bad mouthing
    10 – Leave him pt.2
    11 – Money ( that’s what I want )
    12 – Don’t step on a man when he’s down


    Posted by Moos
    at 3:13 PM
  • Friday February 20, 2015

    George Clinton, front

    Some time ago I made this compilation of Pfunk tracks.
    I tried to pick some of the numbers you don’t hear that
    much. When driving your car this is music that makes
    time pass easily, grooving on.., enjoy a
    Parliafunkadelicment thang.


    01 – Parliament – Wizard of finance
    02 – Funkadelic – Philmore
    03 – Parliament – Handcuffs
    04 – Funkadelic – Cholly ( funk get ready to roll )
    05 – Parliament – Theme from the blackhole
    06 – Funkadelic – Nappy dugout
    07 – Funkadelic – No compute
    08 – Bootsy’s Rubber Band – What’s a telephone bill
    09 – Parliament – Dr. Funkenstein
    10 – Parliament – Red Hot Mama
    11 – Funkadelic – I’ll stay
    12 – Funkadelic – Standing on the verge of getting it on
    13 – Funkadelic – Field maneuvers
    14 – Funkadelic – Back in our minds
    15 – Funkadelic – Hit it and quit it
    16 – Funkadelic – Can you get to that
    17 – Funkadelic – Loose booty
    18 – Funkadelic – A joyful process


    Posted by Moos
    at 1:11 PM
  • Thursday February 19, 2015

    Johnny Guitar Watson, front

    Johnny Guitar Watson, backdetail

    I was 19 years old when this came out, I remember so well.
    The deep underground funky sound of Johnny Guitar Watson
    made a huge impression and I must say, I still love it. Back
    then we were hanging out in dark smokey seller discotheques
    and youthcenters. When listening to it again I can see images
    of those days, the girls, the atmosphere, damn, good thoughts.
    Let’s take a dive back into the seventies and play this sucker
    till we can’t take it no more, the vinyl got hurt a tiny bit over
    the years and has a few jumps in the last track, sorry ‘bout
    being so careless..


    01 – A real mother
    02 – Nothing left to be desired
    03 – Your love is my love
    04 – The real deal
    05 – Tarzan
    06 – I wanna thank you
    07 – Lover Jones


    Posted by Moos
    at 12:39 AM
  • Monday February 2, 2015

    Shuggie Otis, front

    Shuggie Otis

    Some nice soulmusic to change the mood, today’s sound is
    one that sticks. Once you’ve heard these tracks a couple of
    times, there’s no turning back. They are in your head to stay.
    It was only decades later I got to hear these songs again. In
    2001 Luaka Bop Inc. came with the cd, ‘Inspiration Information’.
    It was when I heard ‘Strawberry Letter 23’ again first time. In
    1971 when it first came out it ran the charts in my little country
    and when hearing it again, it brought back lots of memories of
    those days. On this lp, Shuggie is accompanied by his father
    Johnny Otis who also produced the album. Next we have
    George Duke who died way to early age 67,in august 2013.
    We find Wilton Felder on bass and Aynsley Dunbar on drums
    to call a few. Wonderful atmospheric drifting off sounds,
    Shuggie wrote Strawberry Letter 23 and played all instru-
    ments on it, give it a try and you wont be sorry,
    get it & spread it..


    01 – Ice cold daydream
    02 – Strawberry letter 23
    03 – Sweet thang
    04 – Me and my woman
    05 – Someone’s always singing
    06 – Purple
    07 – Freedom flight

    Bonus tracks;

    08 – Inspiration information
    09 – Sparkle city
    10 – Aht uh mi hed


    Posted by Moos
    at 10:32 AM
  • Thursday January 15, 2015

    King Floyd, front

    King Floyd

    Hello folks, goodmorning, last week I posted an album by the
    Impressions telling you I was gonna do some more rare soul
    and such. Well today I have an lp by one of the funkiest of all.
    The title matches this page as no other, ‘Groove me’ is truly
    one of the finest songs in the genre. I remember discovering
    King Floyd, his music hit me instantly when listening to him
    first time. So don’t hesitate and get this, you wont be sorry.


    1 Groove me
    2 Let us be
    3 Woman don’t go astray
    4 Baby let me kiss you
    5 Messing up my mind
    6 It’s wonderful
    7 So glad I found you
    8 Don’t leave me lonely
    9 Day in the life of a fool
    10 What our love needs


    Posted by Moos
    at 9:57 AM
  • Wednesday January 7, 2015

    Impressions, front

    Curtom label

    ‘Times have changed’, a statement still appropriate..
    It could be you think I only collect tropical music
    but that isn’t the case at all. I started my hobby
    long time ago during the seventies and began with
    collecting pop, soul, jazz and many other styles.
    Today I want to bring you an album by a soulgroup
    I have always loved a lot. The Impressions with the
    late and great Curtis Mayfield have always been one
    of my favourite bands. Last week while meeting with
    one of the GG’s music providers, we listened to a
    ‘Best of’ album by the Impressions and I decided to
    post some of those obscure soul albums I collected
    over the years. This one is for you Alex, enjoy it..


    1 Stop the war
    2 Times have changed
    3 Inner city blues
    4 Our love goes on and on
    5 Potent love
    6 I need to belong to someone
    7 This loves for real
    8 Love me


    Posted by Moos
    at 10:37 AM