Anibal Velasquez y su Conjunto – Carruseles
Interplay, Discos Fuentes 1979 / 1985

From 1985 we find this crazy album with Anibal Velasquez
y su Conjunto. Carruseles its title and massive dance hit.
It was first released in 1979 on Fonodisc, this is a remake
on Interplay, a division of Discos Fuentes, from 1985 ..

Discogs, Carruseles

Anibal ‘Sensación Velasquez
Tremenda Salsa 1970
El Rey del Acordeon Colombiano 1977
Anibal Velasquez y su Conjunto
el Ritmo y el Sabor 1978
Golpe Currambero
Lo Ultimo
.. y su Conjunto
with Los Curramberos de Guayabal
Tirando Exitos
Los Ases del Ritmo, Costa Brava

01 – Carruseles
02 – El fosforito
03 – Hace tiempo
04 – La punta del palo
05 – Tengo un tengo
06 – La gustadera del hueso
07 – La caracucha
08 – El rayador
09 – Sal y agua
10 – Fijate que bueno
11 – Alma negra
12 – Quizas volveras


Los Corraleros – Nuevo Tumbao
Discos Fuentes 1969

Corraleros, voorkant

Cheto, Zato y pepe

Om te beginnen, het spijt me zo voor degenen die slechts één
soort muziek kunnen waarderen. Variatie is alles in het leven
en verandering is wat ons op gang houdt, het is onvermijdelijk.

To start with, I’m so sorry for those who fancy one kind of music
only, for variety is the spice of life and change is everything
to keep us alive. It is inevitable.

Ik heb deze band altijd zeer serieus genomen, zoveel geweldige
artiesten speelden erin. Lisandro meza, Calixto Ochoa, Tony Zuñiga,
Eliseo Herrera, César Castro om er maar een paar te noemen. En dan
komt er zo’n nummer langs met Donald Duck stemmetjes, da’s even
schakelen maar toch, tja, de rest is gewoon weer fantastisch. Het blijft
een wereldband dus zullen we ze die grap maar vergeven. Luister zelf
maar, los Corraleros de majagual kunnen toch niet stuk..

I always took this band very serious, so many great artists played in it.
Lisandro meza, Calixto Ochoa, Tony Zuñiga, Eliseo Herrera, César Castro,
just to name a few. And then they appear with such a strange song with
Donald Duck voices in it. That was a moment of doubt, but then, what to
say, the rest of the album is just as fantastic as before so I guess we’ll
excuse them for making a joke. They remain a group of world class.
Listen yourself, los Corraleros de majagual are still marvelous..

titels ;

01 – Pompo del pilon
02 – El garrapatero
03 – Tengo tengo
04 – Los tres indiecitos
05 – Nuevo tumbao
06 – marta lucia
07 – La gallina
08 – Cerro verde
09 – Limpiando hebilla
10 – Que regreses ya
11 – El coplero
12 – Pajarillo montañero


Alonso Pedrozo – Lo Mejor del Pollo Cantor
Fabuloso LPF 2186

Alonso Pedrozo, voorkant

Goeiemorgen, dit plaatje ligt al een paar maanden op de wip
van wel of niet. Telkens werd hij ingehaald door een andere
schijf vinyl maar vandaag is het toch echt z’n beurt. Alleen de
hoes is het posten al waard vind ik. Alonso ziet er zo hip uit in
die prachtige broek van ‘m en mooie meiden maken de prent
in Colombiaanse traditie altijd af. Waar het om gaat is vanzelf
de heerlijke vallenato waarvan er weer twaalf opstaan. Ik word
er keer op keer weer blij van, hopelijk jij ook.
Luister en oordeel zelf, lekker spul hoor..

This little slice of vallenato was on the edge of being digitised
for months, today it finally found it’s new destination. The
world wide web to go short. Don’t you think Alonso looks
super hip ? On Fabuloso and from an unknown year of
release but with pretty girl this is the kind of record
that keeps me in a happy mood for days. I wonder,
does anybody over there in the US like it ?


01 – Maldito beso
02 – Mi yatecito
03 – El pollo cantor
04 – Me quedare
05 – Adios en el puerto
06 – Regreso de mi yatecito
07 – Rock en acordeon
08 – Volvi
09 – Cajita de palo
10 – El silbido
11 – Beso y olvido
12 – Recordando en el rio


14 Cañonazos Bailables vol. V
Various Artists, Discos Fuentes 1965

14 Cañonazos, front

This is number five in the series ’14 Cañonazos Bailables’
on Discos Fuentes. It’s from 1965 and contains some of
the hottest tracks from that era. 13 stars with 14 songs
for your downloadingpleasure..get and spread..


01 – Eliseo Herrera – La bonga
02 – Roberto de la barrera – El pulgon
03 – Julio Erazo – Yo conozco a claudia
04 – Cristobal perez – La negra celina
05 – Eliseo Herrera – Tres tigres
06 – Isaac Villanueva – Golfo de morrosquillo
07 – Anibal Angel – La hossa
08 – César Castro – El pasmao
09 – Adolfo Echeveria – La paloma
10 – Carlos Holzinger – Don martin
11 – Toño Fuentes – Mi nena
12 – Calixto Ochoa – Pirulino
13 – Lalo Montañe – Rosa maria
14 – Marciano Torres – La pisinga


Lito Barrientos y su Orquesta –
Very Very Well, Discos Fuentes

Lito Barrientos, front

Hello good morning, we are lucky to find a sunny day this
morning, spring is about to begin in the Netherlands and
that’s always a very nice time of year. The magnolia in my
frontgarden is almost bursting open, something we wait for
all year. Sunny weather asks for sunny music, let’s see..

This is the first appearance of Lito Barrientos at this page
and it contains some fine tunes. It brings songs in various
styles like cumbia, bomba, charanga, corrido and porro.
A typical slice of tropical Colombian sweetness, complete
with ‘mosaíco’, a range of songs melted together at the
end of the album. Get it now and listen yourself..


01 – Caracol
02 – Ya voy toño
03 – Cumbia que te vas de ronda
04 – Rubiela
05 – Cumbia en do menor
06 – Charanga pa gozar
07 – Cumbia costeña
08 – Kijis konar
09 – A tu vera
– La india motilona
– Very very well
– Despeinada
– Festival en guarare
– La mafafa
– La sampa
– Negrito tapetuza


Los Corraleros de Majagual – ¡ Nos Fuimos !
Discos Fuentes 1975

Corraleros, front

Hello and good morning on this Easterday. I think it’s for the first
time we are having us a white Easter. Even with Chrsitmas we
had better weather, it’s cold and snowing on this 31st of march.
Spring just doesn’t realise we’re already entering april tomorrow.

Winter or spring, we play tropical music all year round so that
makes no difference. Today I’ll spoil you with some ‘Tropical de
Colombia’. From 1975 on Discos Fuentes de Medellin Colombia
we’ve got this wonderful album by Los Corraleros de Majagual.
This supergroup had relations with the most fantastic artists.
On this album alone we find Lisandro Meza, Eliseo Herrera,
Julio Erazo and Calixto Ochoa to name just a few. But they
also hosted Alfredo Gutierrez, Lucho Argain and Nacho
Paredes among many others. Great vocalists, hot
rhythmsection and horns, better don’t miss..


1   El vivo y el bobo
2   El pobre pollo
3   El bailador
4   Mosaico
–    Mata de caña
–    Trigueñita
–    La tombola
5   Mosaico
–    Spanish flea
–    La chichera
6   La burrita
7   Palma de coco
8   Mosaico
–    Cartagenera
–    La cola del diablo
–    El machorrito
–    Yo conozco a claudia
9   Pompo del 66
10  Charanga internacional


Ramito, el Cantor de la Montaña vol. 3
SALP 1296

If I understood correctly, Ramito’s music is very popular
with Christmas in Puerto Rico. On this album, Ramito is once
more accompanied by Conjunto, Toñito Ferrer y sus Jibaros Modernos.
The rhythms have beautiful names like, Aguinaldo, Mapayé
and Ritmo Boricua among others, enjoy them.


1 Rosas del campo
2 Triste y solitario
3 Verdades amargas
4 Nuestras mujeres
5 Siempre amor
6 Enseñame el lunar
7 Recuerdos del nene
8 Lo que tu no sabes
9 Echa pa’ lante
10 El preso y el que esta muerto
11 La copa rota
12 Adiviname