Prince Buster – Dance Cleopatra Dance
Blue Elephant Records 1972

Prince Buster wrote some ska killers that will never fade.
One of his dance floor killers is ‘Dance Cleopatra’. This album
from 1972 contains thirteen nice songs, but its opening track
remains the best. Madness is the song that gave the English
group their name. This is not an official career album, it is a
Dutch compilation on Blue Elephant Records. Some great
songs here. If you don’t have this record,
don’t hesitate to get it. Enjoy listening ..

Prince Buster schreef diverse gigantische hits die nooit zullen
vergaan. Één van die dansvloer killers is ‘Dance Cleopatra’. Dit
album bevat dertien goede nummers, maar de opener blijft de
bom. Madness is het nummer dat de Engelse groep zijn naam
verschafte. Dit is geen origineel carrière album, maar een Ne-
derlandse compilatie uit 1972 op Blue Elephant Records. Hij
bevat wat gouden songs. Als je’m nog niet hebt, twijfel
niet hem binnen te halen. Luisterplezier dus ..

more Busters

01 – Dance cleopatra
02 – Madness
03 – Take it easy
04 – Oh love
05 – Times to risc
06 – 007
07 – Come to jamaica
08 – Cincinatty kid
09 – More over
10 – Sounds and pressure
11 – On the beach
12 – Al capone
13 – Waiting for my rude girl

bonus track
14 – Al capone (best version)


Prince Buster – She Was a Rough Rider
Westmoor WBBCD 02

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Good morning, not so many posts lately as you have
certainly noticed. I’m very busy on another project which
is consuming all my time momentarily. No worries, the GG
is still here. No plans to stop, just doing other things for
a while. Meantime listen to the great Prince Buster ..

Goeiemorgen, erg weinig posts de laatste tijd zoals je vast
al zult hebben gemerkt. Ik ben erg druk met een ander project
dat all m’n tijd opslokt momenteel. Geen zorgen, de GG is
hier nog steeds. Geen plannen om te stoppen, gewoon
even iets anders aan het hoofd. Luister ondertussen
naar de geweldige Prince Buster ..


Original Golden Oldies
Fabulous Greatest Hits 1968

01 – Rough rider
02 – Dreams to remember
03 – Scorcher
04 – Hypocrites
05 – Walk with love
06 – Taxation
07 – Bye bye baby
08 – Tenderness
09 – Wine or grind
10 – Can’t keep on running
11 – Closer together
12 – Going to the river


Prince Buster Record Shack Presents
The Original Golden Oldies vol. 1
Prince Buster Record Shack PB 9

Good morning, you may have noticed low activity, time
has been limited the past few weeks. Let’s say it is holiday
season and other things had priority. Let’s see ..

This is an old prince Buster album on which no info was
available easily. The sleeve and label only speak of ten songs
while in fact the record counts twelve. Luckily nowadays we
have the tools to find the correct titles. This elpee contains
the song ‘Madness’ where the Brittish group took its name
from. Further we find only golden oldies as the title already
suggests. Lovely ska songs you can’t afford to miss ..

Goeiemorgen, het was je vast al opgevallen dat er de laatste
weken niet zo veel activiteit is, zomervakantie tijd zullen we
maar zeggen, andere dingen kregen voorrang ..

Vandaag hebben we deze plaat met Prince Buster waarover
niet direct veel te vinden was. De hoes en het label spreken
slechts over tien nummers terwijl de plaat er toch echt twaalf
telt. Gelukkig beschikken we tegenwoordig over de middelen
de correcte titels te vinden. Dit album bevat de song ‘Madness’
waar de Engelse groep z’n naam aan ontleende. Verder vinden
we alleen golden oldies zoals de titel al doet vermoeden ..


Fabulous Greatest Hits 1968
Tagrijn Reünie, De Hits Van Vroeger 2013

01 – Black head chine man
02 – They got to come
03 – Time longer than rope
04 – Tongue will tell
05 – Madness
06 – Praise without raise
07 – Wash wash
08 – Enjoy yourself
09 – Believe kill and cure
10 – Danny dame & lorraine
11 – Over & over
12 – Creation


Prince Buster – Fabulous Greatest Hits
Fab Fab Melodisc Music 1968

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There’s hardly a man, woman or child in Jamaica who doesn’t
know the voice of Prince Buster. Turn on the radio any hour of
the day or night, and his infectious Blue Beat is certain to start
echoing round the room. His records dominate the jukeboxes,
and wherever he appears, the “House Full” signs are displayed
long before he makes his entrance on stage. ( backsleeve ..)

Prince Buster’s Blue Beat, later called Ska, conquered England
and America already in the sixties. Later his songs were covered
by many groups such as the Specials when ska music relived
from the late seventies. Contains his famous Al Capone
and Ten Commandments. Get it & spread it ..


01 – Earthquake
02 – Texas hold-up
03 – Freezing up orange street
04 – Free love
05 – Julie
06 – Take it easy
07 – Judge dread
08 – Too hot
09 – Ghost dance
10 – Ten commandments
11 – Al capone
12 – Barrister pardon


Best of Studio One, vol. 2 – Full Up
Various Artists, Heartbeat 1985


from 1985 we’ve got this second volume of Heartbeat’s Best
of Studio One. Again a sweet collection of songs from the
prestigious Jamaican label. I don’t think I’ll ever get
tired of it, how about you .. ?

Uit 1985 is dit dan de tweede volume van Heartbeat’s Best of
Studio One. Wederom een lekkere verzameling liedjes uit de
vroege jaren van het prestigieuze Jamaicaanse label. Ik krijg
hier nooit genoeg van, en jij ..?

tracks ;

01 – Carlton and the Shoes – Love me forever
02 – The Paragons – Danger in your eyes
03 – Culture – Behold the land
04 – The Bassies – Big mistake
05 – Willie Williams – Armagideon time
06 – Lone Ranger – Love bump
07 – Norma Frazier – First cut is the deepest
08 – Delroy Wilson and Slim Smith – Look who is back again
09 – The Ethiopians – Open the gate
10 – Bob Andy – Desperate lover
11 – John Holt – I don’t want to see you cry
12 – Sound Dimension – Full up


Club Ska ’67 – Various Artists
Island Records

Club Ska '67, front

When the weather changes, the music changes too.
Towards the end of the year I always pull things from the
recordshelf I didn’t play for a while. Out came this nice
collection of classic ska songs from 1967 as it appears.
It is the type of record everybody should have,
better snatch it now you’re here..


1 The Skatelites – Guns of navarone
2 Rolando and the Soul Brothers – Phoenix city
3 Desmond Dekker – 007 ( shanty town )
4 The Maytals – Broadway jungle
5 Baba Brooks, Roy Richards – Contact
6 Baba Brooks – Guns fever
7 Justin Hinds – Rub up, push up
8 Delroy Wilson – Dancing mood
9 The Gaylads – Stop making love
10 Rita Marley – Pied piper
11 Soul Brothers – Lawless street
12 Sir Lord Comic & his Cowboys – Skaing west
13 Rulers – Copasetic


Desmond Dekker – Black and Dekker
Stiff Records 1980

Desmond Dekker, front, cd size

It’s friday evening 19.00 hrs. In a hour I shall be going to de Vorstin.
Our brandnew stage, and tonight we’ll have Mark Foggo, Ska from
England. I am asked to amuse the crowd with ska before, in between
and after the bands. Hope it will be crowded so I can shake up the place.
To be able to play ‘Please don’t bend’, I made a cd of this album. Loaded
it up for the ska-lovers among you aswel, enjoy Desmond Dekker.

1 Israelites
2 Lickin’ stick
3 It mek
4 Please don’t bend
5 Many rivers to cross
6 Hippo
7 007
8 Work out
9 Problems
10 Rude boy train
11 Pickney gal
12 Why fight


The Ethiopians – The Original Reggae Hitsound
Trojan 1986

The Ethiopians were founded by Leonard Dillon and Stephen Taylor
around 1966 and started recording for Clement ‘Coxsone’ Dodd. After
that they worked with several other studio’s amongst who Lee Perry’s.
This is a 1986 compilation with their music from between 1966 and 1972.
When Ska was starting to change, late sixties, Ethiopians’ sound
was hot and leaning towards rocksteady. I think two or three songs were
already on the album ‘Everything Crash’ which I recently re-uploaded.
Tomorrow evening, saturday 6th, I’ll be doing a reggae and dub evening
with Sista Poca from Poca TV, check her out here. It takes place in a tiny
coffeeshop called Andorra in Hilversum. Fat Back Pumping Dub and Reggae
accompanied by coffee and some sweet smoke, I’m looking forward to it.


1 Free man
2 Train to Skaville
3 Engine 54
4 Come on now
5 Train to glory
6 The whip
7 Everything crash
8 Things a get bad to worse
9 Well red
10 One
11 Hong Kong flu
12 Gun man
13 What a fire
14 Woman capture man
15 Feel the spirit
16 Drop him
17 Good ambition
18 No baptism
19 The selah
20 Pirate
21 The word is love


Various Artists – Tiger goes Calypso, West Indies Telco Record Division, late 60’s

Somewhere probably late 60’s, Esso made theirselves this
funny collector. They found Young Killer to make ‘Tiger in
your tank’ and collected a few big names to complete the set.
Mighty Sparrow and the Merrymen could also use a buck or two,
so they joined in. On track 4 we hear a steelband play ska,
that was the first time for me. The Don Drummond tribute
scores too, I am a big Don Drummond fan, legendary trombone.
All together we’ve got us a funny gem with a nice cover and
a few great tracks.


1 Young Killer – Tiger in your tank
2 Carlos Malcolm Orchestra – Tribute to Don Drummond
3 The Merrymen – Never on a sunday
4 Westside Symphony Orchestra – Jamaica ska
5 Clarence Curvan Orchestra – Mama dis is mas
6 The Mighty Sparrow – She’s been gone too long
7 André Tanker Flamingoes – Linstead market
8 The Mighty Dougla – Leave me