Baobab (Casaçais) – Roots and Fruit
Popular African Music 1999
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Gouye Guy de Dakar 1983
Baobab à Paris 1978
On Verra Ça ? 1978
Senegaal Sunugaal 1975
Une Nuit au Jandeer 1978
Adduna Jarul Naawo 1975
Bawobab 75 1975

01 – Mansa
02 – Mansané cissé
03 – Sutukum
04 – Cabral
05 – Digone nga ma
06 – Sindieli
07 – Sona
08 – Tooñ baaxul
09 – Saxaar
10 – Kura
11 – Tante marie
12 – Notisé


Sombory de Fria – Minerai Musical
Editions Syliphone Conakry 1980

Isn’t that just wonderful ? A group of miners from the
Fria region in Guinea, who form a band in their free time.
Sombory de Fria or Sombory Jazz de Fria. One way or the
other, they could really play. A fine blend of Guinean and
Afro-Cuban style music. Get it and spread it ..

Dit vind ik nou zo’n mooi verhaal hè .. een groep mijnwerkers
uit de Fria regio in Guinée die in hun vrije tijd een band vormen.
Sombory de Fria of ook wel Sombory Jazz de Fria. En ze konden
behoorlijk spelen deze jongens. Een blend van Afro-Cubaanse
en Guineaanse muziek. Down, deel en luister weer ..


01 – N’kolea
02 – Kuma
03 – Montre
04 – Decide
05 – Mankountoun
06 – Dyanfa


Star Band de Dakar – Vol. 7
Sonafric 1980

We had a couple of their records in 2008, 9 and 10. Senegalese
music used to appear here more often in those days. About time
to follow up on them. We hear some different styles on this Vol. 7.
Experimenting with tango is something you don’t expect from the
band that usually did afro-cuban and such. Listen to Dakar’s
Star Band on this 1980 album, get it and spread it ..

In de jaren 2008, 9 en 10 hadden we enkle van hun platen. In die
tijd sowieso veel vaker Senegalese muziek. Hoog tijd dus om hier
eens een vervolg aan te geven. We horen verschillende stijlen op
deze Vol. 7. Er wordt zelfs geëxperimenteerd met tango, iets wat
je van deze groep, die overwegend afro-cuban speelde, niet zou
verwachten. Luister naar de Star Band de Dakar op deze plaat
uit 1980. Haal binnen en geef weer door aan je vrienden ..

( So weird, for days HTD didn’t update at all and got stuck
on october 16. Today I posted the Star Band de Dakar
and I see Jillem Posted this yesterday. Strange things
happen and this is pure coincidence. Sorry Jillem, I really
did not see it. Was already wondering
what happened to you ..
Moos )

Bamos Pa’al Monte
Sala Bigue
Adioupe Nar
Dexter Johnson vol. 1

01 – Salam alekoum
02 – En el mundo (Quintero Fernandez)
le plus beau tango du monde
03 – Massani cice
04 – Diolina
05 – Yala manegnou
06 – Bicova


Étoile de Dakar – Xalis
Bellot Records MAG 119


Hard to find album by Etoile de Dakar with a young Youssou
N’Dour. Contains some of their very best songs like Thiely and
a cover of Duo Los Ahijados’ Hombre Misterioso Soy. The record
is as good as new and sounds wonderful. very lucky find from
some years ago. Also check Absa Gueye and the Senegal section.

Dit is een plaatje met een nog jonge Youssou N’Dour en zijn
band Etoile de Dakar. Een moeilijk te vinden stuk Senegalese
muziek geschiedenis dat enkele van hun mooiste nummers bevat
waaronder Thiely en een cover van Duo Los Ahijados’ Hombre
Misterioso Soy. De plaat bevindt zich in top conditie en klinkt
prachtig. Een gelukkige vondst van enkele jaren terug. Luister
ook naar Absa Gueye. Plezier ..

tracks ;

01 – Xalis
02 – Thiely
03 – Sama xalatu aduna
04 – Lay suma lay
05 – Hombre misterioso soy
06 – Banana


Arsenio Rodriguez y su Magia
La Musica Afro Cubana
Quindembo . Afro Magic
Caliente 1973

Arsenio Rodriguez, voorkant


Arsenio Rodriguez’ elpee ‘Primitivo’ is al een tijdje de meest
gedownloade plaat op deze pagina. Vandaag hebben we er
een uit 1973 welke ook zeker de moeite waard is. Zijn werk
is uniek en van hoogstaande kwaliteit. Dit album bevat wat
hij noemde ‘Quindembo’ Afro Magic, de afro-cuban sound
waarvan hij de uitvinder was. Lees als je hem hebt binnen-
gehaald de achterkant en vind alle bijzonderheden.
Nota bene, de rauwe stem die je hoort is Arsenio’s..

Arsenio Rodriguez’lp ‘Primitivo’ is for quite some time now
the most downloaded album from this page. Today we’ve got
us another one which is very much worth downloading as well.
His work is unique and of high quality. This record contains what
he called ‘Quindembo’ Afro Magic, the afro-cuban sound which
he invented. Once you ‘ve got it, read the backsleeve and find
all the relevant information, lots of listening pleasure.
By the way, the raw voice we hear is Arsenio’s..

titels ;

01 – Canto abacoa
02 – Bruca manigua
03 – Baila simbale
04 – Hun hun
05 – Oracion lucumi
06 – Compay cimarron
07 – Los teenagers bailan changui
08 – Albanciosa
09 – Torongombe ya cayo
10 – Yimbila
11 – Mona
12 – Quindembo hot


Ouza et les 4 Femmes dans le Vent –
Mbaana, Disques Griot 1977

Ouza, front

Disques Griot

It is almost six years ago I posted this lp by Ousmane
Diallo aka Ouza Diallo or Ouza. Delightful seventies Dakar sounds,
atmospheric stuff. It’s been quite a while we had us some Senegalese
music, better get it and realise I do not post this type of music enough.
Maybe if we find a bit more in the future, the next big recordfair is almost
arriving, another three and a half weeks and who knows what it shall
bring us this time. For now, listen to these beautiful songs
sung by these beautiful voices, I’m completely
captured, # 4 is my favourite..


1 Mbaana
2 Simboo
3 Farantàmba
4 Xaadi siméél
5 Pompiéé
6 Duuga
7 Yóbaléma


Number One du Senegal – Jiko – Nafissatu Njaay 1980

Number One du Senegal, front

in disguise

Na twee super gezellige try-outs, zogezegd, moeten we komende
zaterdag echt nog een keertje profiteren. Het wordt drukkend warm,
er kan een buitje vallen maar dat mag de pret niet drukken. Ik wil
je bij deze dan ook uitnodigen naar het Vondelpark te komen.
Vanaf zo’n 15.00 uur strijk ik neer onder de grote bomen naast
het standbeeld van Joost van den Vondel. Met de Global Groove’s
Mobile Soundsystem probeer ik dan het tropisch zwetende sfeertje
verder af te maken. Afrikaanse klanken, broeierige latin grooves,
Calypso en reggae, oude jazz en zigeuner muziek, van alles wat.
Als je een stukje naar beneden scrollt, vind je ‘n filmpje van laatst.

Saturday the 10th of september is going to be one of this summers
last hot days. It will be one of the last opportunity’s we’ll have
to go to the park and chill out under the blue/grey sky. Bring some
food and drinks and join us at the Amsterdam Vondelpark. From
around 15.00 hrs. the Global Groove’s Mobile Soundsystem will be
playing from underneath the big trees next to Vondel’s statue. Be my
guest and come around if you’re near.

From 1980 wit Papa Seck, Doudou Sow, Mar Seck, Magatte
N’Diaye, Malick Hann, Alioune Diallo, Amadou Madani Tall,
Mamane Fall, Ally Penda, Paja Diop, Paja Seck, Yakhya Fall,
Babacar Fall and Moustapha N’Diaye. One of Senegals legendary
groups from that era. Class A material for collectors in the genre.
That sounds awful, no really this is stuff you don’t want to miss !
Wonderful atmospheric sound of Dakars early eighties.


1 Fatu sarr waasanaan
2 Medoune xule
3 Lii lumuy nuru
4 Jiko
5 Kumba
6 Ngomar


Gnonnas Pedro and his Dadjes Band International -The Band of Africa vol.3, African Songs Ltd. 1977

Gnonnas Pedro, front

Long before being lead singer in Africando, Gnonnan Sossou Pierre
Kouassivi was leader of this group, the Dadjes Band International.
Gnonnas Pedro started his career aged 20 with leading Benin band
Los Panchos. Composer, singer, multi-instrumentalist (guitar, trumpet,
sax) but most of all performer of multi-sound music. Known worldwide
for Cuban influenced music and Agbadja, a modernized form of Fon
folkloric music. Music from Benin, Nigerian release, enjoy.


1 Dadje von von von
2 Ngbahanov O.
3 Ennemi toton
4 Agbadja moderne no.2
5 Hommage aux dovaniers
6 Adigbedoto
7 Fini les pave’s


Duo Los Compadres – Los Compadres,Tropical

Los Compadres, front

I didn’t hear any complaint about not having that Soundcloud-player
anymore. I suppose nobody really misses it. Maybe we’ll have
another player some day, for now just download and listen.

Duo Los Compadres was formed by Lorenzo Hierrezuelo in 1947.
Second voice and ‘tres’ was taken care of by Compay Segundo.
We hear them performing on this album which was a re-release
from during the seventies. Can you tell us the year of the
original release ? Listen and enjoy in the mean time.


1 Todo a tus pies
2 Con el temporal
3 El gato y la gata
4 La rebelion de mayo
5 En la casa de Don Juan
6 Envidia de amor
7 Yo tengo pena
8 En el monte
9 Pruebe este tono
10 Descripcion de la rumba
11 Paloma mensajera
12 Preparen candela


Orchestre du Bawobab – Senegaal Sunugaal
Buur Records BRLP 003, 1975

Bawobab, front

A little piece of Senegalese musical history
is to be found on this album from 1975.
From the first time I heard them, I was
determined to be a fan for life. How
about you folks ? No fan yet ? Better
listen to :

artist – Orchestre du Bawobab
title – Senegaal Sunugaal
label – Buur Records
release number – BRLP 003
year – 1975

saxo tenor – Issa Cissokho
guitare solo – Barthelemy Atisso
guitare accompagnement – Ben Geloum
guitare basse – Charles Ndiaye
chanteur, batteur – Balla Sidibe
chanteur – Medouné Diallo
chanteur & maracasses – Laye M’boup
clarinette – Peter Udo
tumba – Mountaga Kouate
chant-tama – Ndiouga Dieng
chant – Thione Seck


1 Ndaga
2 Lamin gey
3 Nijaay
4 Ayda ba wuri
5 Faatu joop
6 Senegaal sunugaal
7 Geeja ngala riir
8 Mbegeel
9 Yaama doon xool


Monguito el Unico in Curaçao
Sacodis 1980

Monguito in Curaçao, front

One of you asked me for the track “Curaçao” by Monguito
el Unico. I did not find that song but I did find this album.
Monguito el Unico in Curaçao is an Aboudou Lassissi pro-
duction for Sacodis. It’s been recorded in 1980 and features
artists like, singer – Ramon Quian, piano – Alfredito Valdez,
1st trumpet – Tony Marrero, 2nd trumpet – Lionel Sanchez,
3rd trumpet – Charley D., tres – Charley Rodrigues, bass –
Guillermo Edghill, bongo – Joan Mendes, Conga – Julian
Cabrera, coro – Adalberto Santiago.hope U like..


1 Me ase falta una negra
2 Roncon caliente
3 Deuda
4 Como el macao
5 El lema del Guaguanco


Laba Sosseh – el Sonero de Africa vol.2,’el Manisero’Disques M.A.G. late seventies

Laba Sosseh, front

Last weeks post with Monguito contained a song by Laba Sosseh, today
an album by the man’s own hand. Laba Badara Sosseh, 12 March 1943,
Bathurst, Gambia – 21 September 2007, Dakar, Senegal.
The son of a Senegalese father and Gambian mother, Laba was born and
raised in Bathurst (renamed Banjul in 1973), the capital of The Gambia, a
British colony at the time. Regarded as one of the greatest musical
innovators in the Senegambia sub-region, he grew up listening to Cuban
dance music of the ’40s and ’50s. Johnny Pacheco was one of his favourites
and he became known for his perfect imitation of the Dominican bandleader’s
style. The rare French vinyl albums El Sonero de Africa (N’Dardisc) and
El Sonero de Africa Vol. 2 / El Manisero (Disques M.A.G.) compile
Laba’s early and mid-’70s recordings.
( info: )


1 El manisero
2 Ojos para banos
3 Los carreteros
4 Senegal an X
5 Seyni kay fonema
6 Ayo nene
7 Aminata
8 Salsa na ma
9 El Canuto


Orchestre du Bawobab – Une Nuit au Jandeer
Musicafrique MSCLP 002, 1978

Orchestre du Bawobab, front

A quite rare album by Orchestre du Bawobab is this one, ‘Une
Nuit au Jandeer’ is from 1978 and is widely sought after. We find
a few cracks in tracks 5 and 7 but are fortunate to find the a-side with
the exelent ‘Cabral’ and the rest of the b-side in better shape.
Enjoy this collector’s item.


1 Liti liti
2 Cabral
3 Digone nga ma
4 Ma penda
5 Baye ndango
6 Diougou diougou
7 Sindieli
8 Souleymane