Famous Blue Diamonds Band
Bata Bone
Obuoba & Happy Bird Records, Sounds Linacco 1980

Hello groovers, today we find this album with the Famous
Blue Diamonds Band from 1980. Ghanaian highlife the way
we like it best. Great rhythm, guitars and vocals. Led by Kisco
Adansi. Unfortunately track #6 has some serieus scratches.
The rest of the record sounds pretty okay. Produced by
D.K. Nyarko & Sons for Obuoba & Happy Bird Records ..

Goeiemorgen, vandaag vinden we deze fijne Ghanese highlife
plaat uit 1980 met de Famous Blue Diamonds Band. Heerlijke
ritmes, gitaarspel en vocalen. Geleid door Kisco Adansi. Helaas
heeft track #6 wat serieuze krassen, verder klinkt hij tamelijk
goed. Geproduceerd door D.K. Nyarko & Sons voor
Obuoba & Happy Bird Records, luister ..


01 – Bata bone
02 – Sika bone di nye den na akyire asem
03 – Moma yen ya aso
04 – Kofi agyei akwantyo
05 – Osigyani
06 – Kotoko agyeiwaah
07 – Ma eye me seesee
08 – Gye da be a mewu
09 – Osu a mensu
10 – Abusuafo mo moame


Canadoes II of Ghana
Ojikutu Records 1983

On the three albums we already saw with ‘Canadoes’,
they were called ‘Canadoes Super Stars of Ghana’, or
Canadoes, Super Stars Band of Ghana’. They were from
1980 and 1981. On this one from 1983 they are called
‘Canadoes II’, at first I was not sure if it concerns the
same group, but after checking Discogs, it seems it
does. One way or the other, superb Ghanaian highlife ..

Op de drie platen die we al zagen heetten ze ‘Canadoes
Super Stars of Ghana’ en Canadoes, Super Stars Band of
Ghana’. die waren uit 1980 en 1981. Op deze uit 1983
staan ze erop als ‘Canadoes II’, eerst twijfelde ik of het
dezelfde band betreft, maar na te checken op Discogs
was er geen twijfel. Hoe dan ook, Geweldig fijne
Ghanese highlife ..


Medowo 1980
Super Stars of Ghana 1980
Fine Woman 1981

01 – Okokuroko
02 – Let your yes be yes
03 – Okromfod
04 – Odo beba
05 – Madwuma yi nti


Ashanti Brothers Band
Wo Yonko Da Ne Wo Da
Philips 1976

We had two great albums with the Ashanti Brothers so far.
I remember wanting to post this album when Jillem beat
me to it. Hey, that’s how blogging goes. Out of respect for
HTD I didn’t post it then. Over time we did share quite some
albums nevertheless. Below Jillem’s liner notes in the file.

Originating from the capital of the Ashanti region, Kumasi,
this beautiful debut features Osei Kwame Vasco on lead
vocals and Osei Kofi on lead guitar. this group is a prime
example of the richness that highlife music can embody –
not to mention one of the dopest-looking ensembles to
ever to grace an album cover – and this first outing of theirs
is flawess from beginning to end. definitely check out the
medley that kicks off side two for further proof.
the group went on to produced a series of full-lengths and
singles, most notably their 1978 ‘Kill Me and Fly’.”

Tot nu toe hadden we twee albums met de Ashanti brothers.
Op het moment dat ik deze plaat wilde posten was Jillem me
net voor. Tja dat gebeurt met bloggen. Door de jaren hebben
we best veel platen gedeeld, uit respect heb ik dat met deze
toen niet gedaan. Hierboven Jillem’s liner notes uit de file ..


led by Osei K. Vasco 1983
Kill Me and Fly 1978
Best of the West Part One 2014

01 – Wo yonko da ne wo da
02 – Okwaadwe foo
03 – Mo ma yenye odo
04 – Love
05 – Medley
—- Ope yedi no odo
—- Opon kokooko
—-Gyina Nkwanta hwehwe me dear anoma a oreko
—- Kaa bi reba
06 – M’anu meho


E.T. Mensah & the Tempos – All For You
RetroAfric 1998

click on it

All E.T. Mensah posts

01 – All for you
02 – Nkebo baaya
03 – Wiadzi
04 – Munsuro
05 – Nkatie
06 – Odofo
07 – Agriculture
08 – Sunday mirror
09 – Inflation calypso
10 – John b. calypso
11 – St. peter’s calypso
12 – Donkey calypso
13 – Tea samba
14 – Fom fom
15 – Asembon tie m’ansem
16 – Essie nana
17- Don’t mind your wife
18 – Adainkua
19 – Bus conductor
20 – Afi fro fro


J.Y. Thorty & A.B. Crentsil
The Masters
ABC 1985

We have just received the tragic news of A.B. Crentsil’s
passing. He was a highlife legend from Ghana. We’ve
seen some of his records earlier, now let’s celebrate
his life through listening to this album from 1985.
Thank you for letting us know Kwabena.
RIP Alfred Benjamin Crentsil ..


Mewo Road 1982
Srekye Duku 1982
with Eric Agyeman, Highlife Stars One 1983
Tantie Alaba (Auntie Araba) 1984
Abrokyiri Abrabo 1986
Eric Agyeman, Highlife Safari

01 – Ebebo medin
02 – Bone nye
03 – Worried at times
04 – Nyame mmoa
05 – Yesu reba


African Brothers Band International
led by Nana Ampadu I
Obiara Ba Nnyé
Afribros 1985

Yesterday I visited a quite small record market here in the
Netherlands. It really wasn’t much for me. Some 50 stand-
holders displayed their Stones, led Zeppelin and all of those
groups we see so often on fairs. Only one or two had a few
African records. Man how lucky can one be, I found this
awesome album with Nana Ampadu I and his African
Brothers Band International for only € 15,-. It is from
1985 and a true killer. Don’t miss it, listen ..

Gisteren heb ik een kleine platenmarkt bezocht in Utrecht.
Het was niet bijster interessant hoor. Iets van 50 standhou-
ders met hun eeuwige Stones, Led Zeppelin en andere lp’s
van groepen die we zoveel zien op dit soort marktjes. Éen
of twee hadden een paar Afrikaanse platen. Maar wat
schetste mijn verbazing, tussen die paar plaatjes vond
ik deze parel met Nana Ampadu I en zijn African
Brothers Band International uit 1985. Hij kostte
slechts € 15,- en is een top album. Luister ..

Nana Ampadu, Wikipedia

All African Brothers posts

01 – Obiara ba nnyé
02 – Obi benya wo
03 – Kyere nea wo beda
04 – Odo asaawa
05 – Damfo adu


Jewel Ackah – Electric Hi-Life
Asona Records 1986

Until today we had only two records with the late Jewel Ackah.
We also had two on which he participated. One with Safohene
Djeni and one with Awieama Little John. Yester day I found this
album from 1986 on a small market in my hometown. Jewel’s
career spanned from 1974 until half 90’s.
He died in april 2018, age 73.

Tot op heden hadden we slechts twee platen met wijlen Jewel
Ackah. We hadden ook twee albums waarop hij deelnam. Een
met Safohene Djeni en een met Awieama Little John. Gisteren
vond ik deze elpee op een kleine platenmarkt in Hilversum.
Jewel’s muzikale carrière spande van 1974 tot ergens
halverwege de 90’s. Hij overleed in april 2018, 73 jr.


Yeredi Awu with Kwame Nkrumah 1981
London Connection 1984
Awieama Little John, Nyamenle a Amanle Mea 1980
Safohene Djeni, Nea Ye Boe 1980

01 – Onipa dasa ni
02 – Eko aware a bisa
03 – Wumelo wo
04 – Ayefor
05 – Maame


Akwaboa’s Guitar Band
Leader: Bob Akwaboa
Ececutive / Ambassador LPEX 003

Who do we find today ? Yes it is Master Kwabena Akwaboa
or in short Bob Akwaboa. This album from I don’t know what
year, is a little scratchy. Fortunately it gets better along the way.
Very welcome addition from the Master. Find some decent info
in our post ‘Hwemibi Nako’ by blogfriends Kwabena Boakye,
Thomas and Bill O’Neill. Always a joy listening to Master
Bob Akwaboa despite the background noise ..

Wie vinden we vandaag ? Jaa, het is Master Kwabena Akwaboa
of kort Bob Akwaboa. Deze plaat uit ik weet niet welk jaar is een
beetje krakerig, maar gelukkig wordt dat gaandeweg wat minder.
Zeer welkome toevoeging van de meester. Kijk in de ‘Hwemibi Nako’
post voor meer info, gestuurd door blog vriend Kwabena Boakye,
Thomas en Bill O’Neill. Altijd fijn luisteren naar Master Bob
Akwaboa ondanks de achtergrond geluiden ..


Fidie Wura
Akwaboah’s Guitar Band
Hwemibi Nako
Meye Meye
Yede Owuo Ka
Wagye Wodee Anaa
Maye Kom

01 – Ena ne agya awu
02 – Menni ntakra
03 – Adware ye foe
04 – Anwawa do
05 – Fabewo so
06 – Asem ayere meso
07 – Se wo maame atu wofo a
08 – Mmere ara na ereko no
09 – Woni panin a due
10 – Mani so tan ne
11 – Onua pa due no.2
12 – Me kosekose wo metrim


Okukuseku International Band of Ghana
Okukuseku ’82’ Chartbuster
Muomaife Groovy Records 1982

Chief Koffi Sammy is back today with this 1982 Chartbuster.
At Discogs I did not find it. The album opens a little messy
and has a few tiny pops along the way. Still, it is a nice
contribution to the list of their records so far. Always
a pleasure listening to another Okukuseku ..

Chief Koffi Sammy is terug vandaag met deze Chartbuster
uit 1982. Op Discogs heb ik hem niet gevonden. De plaat
opent ietwat rommelig en ook gaandeweg heeft ie enkel
kleine bumps. Evenzogoed is het een welkome toevoeging
aan de lijst met albums die we al van hem hadden. Luister
weer met plezier naar Okukuseku ..


Kedu? Odinma 1978
Pay the Boy Now 1987
Odô Yéwü 1981
I Need Work 1988
wth Kyeremateng Atwede
Mind Your Own Business 1981
Okponku Special 1978
Okukuseku International vol. 3 1978
Sisa Mi Sebre Mami 1984
Yebre Ama Owou 1981
Okukuseku Band of Ghana 1979
Take Time 1982
Nyame Nnae 1981
Black Beauty 1983
Bosoe Special

01 – Entuwo a do
02 – Bye bye okponku part II
03 – Owuo aye me bone
04 – Odo ye wue part II


Oko’s No.2 Guitar Band – Self Titled
Ambassador AML 001

click on it

For the lovers of Ghanaian highlife we have this album
with Charles Oko-Agyeman. It is on Ambassador, no year
of release is noted. This is the first time we see Charles
Oko-Agyeman. If you want to know more, just click on
the history picture. Enjoy listening ..
btw, track #2 is a version of ‘the Peanut Vendor’.


01 – Ebeye yie
02 – Owuo aye me bi
03 – Mete ho yi
04 – Mfomso mpa
05 – Kae dabi
06 – Afriyie siaw
07 – Daben na onipa benya ahoto
08 – Owuo gegya hwan
09 – Pa bone kye
10 – Obi nkyen ye tena na
11 – Akoko asense
12 – Aboa atetea


C.K. Mann, Kofi Yankson & the Masters
Abotar Mu A
Essiebons 1981

Next in row in this dusty old record show we’ve got this
1981 album with C.K. Mann and Kofi Yankson & the Masters.
Not only the vinyl is dusty, the sleeve of this record is also
quite worn out. Music wise however it is still worth at
least a couple of spins. Imagine listening by the fireside.
Terrible quality …

De volgende plaat in deze stoffige oude serie is dit album
uit 1981 met C.K. Mann, Kofi Yankson & the Masters. Niet
alleen het vinyl, maar ook de hoes is tamelijk uitgewoond.
Muzikaal gezien daarentegen is hij het zeker waard enkele
malen beluisterd te worden. Stel je gewoon een
haardvuurtje voor waarbij je luistert.
Kraakt als de nete ..

01 – Abonsam enyi ato
02 – Asem todo ye yaw
03 – Bokoo (instrumental)
04 – Biribiara wo ne mber
05 – Maame ne wu yi
06 – Mboa fi nyame ho
07 – Egya wo pe nye ho
08 – Chechekule


C.K. Mann & his Carousel 7
With Love From C.K. Mann
Essiebons 1975

I found my copy only with a standard Essiebons sleeve.
The original frontsleeve here was taken from Discogs.
Unfortunately we have no back sleeve today.
It is from 1975 and displays some sweet highlife
songs and medleys. We had another four of his
albums which you may find below . Enjoy this
1975 album with C.K. Mann & his Carousel 7 ..


Womma Yengor 1979
Funky Highlife 1975
Party Time with Ceekay 1973
with Kofi Yankson, together ! 1977

01 – Medley:
—- Medze makoma ma wo
—-Modo wo
—- Menye wo beye medze
—- Araba lucy
02 – Agyenkwa
03 – Nde maye nyimpa bon
04 – Tsew wenyim
05 – Mandzi nkombo bio
06 – Medley:
—- Meko beebi
—-Asodzi da modo
—- Tsie masufre
—- Mansuro
—- Obra akwantu
—- Sansa aboa


African Brothers Band International of Ghana
Odo Paa Nie
Aduana / Ambassador 1973

This is the last album I have with the African Brothers
that wasn’t posted here yet. I saved one of the finest
for last for you to cherish and enjoy ..

“Nana Kwame Ampadu I and his ‘Peoples’ African Brothers
Band International of Ghana were performing side by side
with an Afro Rock Group, in London at the spacious Mecca
Ball Room Hall during their UK tour in the later part of 1973.
The hall was packed tight. The dance was captioned “Ghana
meet U.K.” After the dance which lasted six groovy hours, a
top Disc Jockey from B.B.C. African Service walked to the
virtuoso musician, Nana Kwame Ampadu I.
“Youngman”, he said, “I am really impressed by your artistic
performance. It was a real kick. Congratulations. What about
featuring on my program?” He demanded. “It’s alright
and thanks a lot Mister”. Nana Ampadu said cheerfully. “By
the way, why do you choose to play almost all the popular
and space-age tempos?” The Disc Jockey asked. “Brother,
you know what, our audience are greedy sort of people.
They are never satisfied until you have sucked to them all
what they want. In Ghana, you cannot just walk to a dance
hall and play one tempo and go away. You will receive spanks
from the angry fans. We always have to satisfy all”.
Nana Ampadu explained. Nana Ampadu’s explanation was
manifested in this album “odo Paa Nie”. This album is a
mixture of popular and space-age tempos and melodies
especially selected to satisfy the
greedy audience. (liner notes)

All African Brothers titles

01 – Hwe nna
02 – Odo paa nie
03 – Ye wu
04 – Akua akua
05 – Mensu
06 – Miniwaa ba
07 – Nansooben